I Spent Way Too Much On Colourpop

Back at it again with the spending Soph.

But seriously, I somehow spent so long adding more and more liquid lipsticks to my basket on the Colourpop website that I ended up spending £100.

I'm done with myself. But it was worth it.

Colourpop have some of my favourite liquid lipsticks; their mattes and their satins are to die for. Seriously.

If you haven't tried their lipsticks, the mattes are drying. There's no trying to hide from it. But BOY do they last all day. *heart eyes*
The satins are much more comfortable and have a more moussey consistency, so if you're not into the super drying mattes, this formula is the one for you. It won't last quite as long as the mattes (and by that I mean, whereas the mattes will last you through a whole damn day of eating and still look pretty flawless, these are likely to be smeared round your mouth if you're eating oily foods like pasta, or large amounts of food like a burger)

Choose wisely, but Colourpop have got something for you.

I did a good old haul (shock) so I thought I'd share all the bits I picked up, because yes. I spent too much. Again.

A lip product I haven't tried from Colourpop that I knew I wanted was the lip liners. I have heard such good things about them, and since they work out at around £4 each it was damn hard to talk myself out of it.
Needless to say, I failed.

Starting with their lip liners (aka Lippie Pencils) and of course the lip primer which I haven't pictured here because it's legit just a clear primer that you put on under lipsticks, just like you would a normal primer on your face. Voila.

From left to right, top row going down (had to make this difficult didn't ya Soph) I got BFF, 951, Brink, Bumble, Frenchie, I Heart This, Heart On, Grunge, Dukes, and Pitch. 

Some of these I got because I loved the colour (especially the nudes of course) and some I got specifically to match the Liquid Lipsticks. 'Cause Colourpop are nice like that and put suggestions of what colours match what other products. Thnx baes.

BFF - 'warm nude' a classic light nude

951 - 'mid tone warm nude' slightly darker and less pinky nude than the last

Brink - 'terracota rose' more rosey than the other nudes

Bumble - 'warm rose' legit what the description says. Love this one and the Ultra Matte Lip that matches

Frenchie - 'bright warm red' bright and almost orangey

I Heart This - 'red fuchsia' perfect reddy pink

Heart On - 'bright cool toned magenta' somewhere in between your fave pink and purple

Grunge - 'mid toned red brown' wouldn't say it's very reddish, and this one felt drier than the others

Dukes - 'dark blackberry' dark with the perfect hint of colour

Pitch - 'rich chocolate brown' like dark chocolate

I've been lusting after this Moment of Weekness set for the longest time so it seemed fitting that I got it in this haul.

This 7 piece lip bundle is perfect for die hard Colourpop lovers or people who are just starting out using liquid lipsticks, it's $35 for the whole set and there's definitely a range of colours.

Sunday - 'soft terracota' my fave in the set, this has been my go to nude with any makeup look

Monday - 'warm peachy beige' slightly darker and more brown, this would be a great nude for more tanned/deeper skin tones

Tuesday - 'bright coral red' so bright and summery I'll be honest it scares me a little

Wednesday - 'vibrant hot red' I usually never go for lipsticks like this but I've worn this a few times and got compliments every single time (I Heart This lip pencil has got your back)

Thursday - 'brilliant red violet' perfect for dipping your toes into purple lipsticks, this reminds me of MAC Flat Out Fabulous (wear with Heart On lip pencil for all day goodness)

Friday - 'true black' it's black. Like black as night. Halloween come at me

Saturday - 'saturated blackberry' a deep dark blackberry brown shade (matches Dukes lip pencil perfectly)

Of course I couldn't really stop there so I had to get a few (or a lot) more Ultra Mattes, Ultra Satins and even an Ultra Metallic - pushing the boat out Sophie - BUT they did have a sale on where you could buy 2 lipsticks and get one free.

And who am I to turn down a sale?

951 - Ultra Satin 'mid tone warm nude' hence the lip liner huh? HUH? I couldn't not

November - Ultra Satin 'warm peachy pink' this is one from the Kathleen Lights collab, and I'm obsessed

Love Muffin - Ultra Satin 'pastel baby pink' this is very pink. And I'm not one for pastel pinks... This is pretty don't get me wrong, but not for me. This'll still look good to lighten up darker pinks/nudes in the centre of your lips though

Dopey - Ultra Satin 'mauve with a purple undertone' this is the perfect mauve liquid lipstick. Colour pop actually sent me a mini one of these for free as well since my order was a bit late so THANKS GUYZ

Tidal - Ultra Satin 'warm brown' this is like a darker more brown version of 951. I don't know what it was, but this just felt a bit drier and less moussey/pigmented than the rest of the Ultra Satins I've tried

Trouble Maker - Ultra Matte 'mid tone brown peach' this is screaming AUTUMN YES PUMPKINS AND CRUNCHY LEAVES and I'm not sure why. But this is an autumn colour, ok

Top 8 - Ultra Matte 'rosey brown' completely up my alley. YAS

Sizzle - Ultra Matte 'warm berry' this is like a deep raspberry pink that will suit everybody

Kween - Ultra Metallic 'marsala metallic with gold glitter' wear it on it's own or over something like Tidal or Sizzle to completely mix it up. SO COOL

So that was my big ass frickin haul that my boyfriend is not happy about, soz babe but you can't change me x

Order any (or all) of these things from the Colourpop website, they always have deals on so it's rude not to, right? Even if for you UK babies the customs charges do leave you crying...

xo, Sophie

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