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Back with another post in this series that I just keep seeming to forget about...

If you haven't read the first 3 instalments of this series (I make that sound so posh when it's really a HEY GO SEE WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS) you can read them here, here and here. Go laugh at how bad my photography was still is.

ANYway it's time for me to do a good old recap of shit that I've been doing recently.

Graceful way to put it. But you're already here, so why stop reading now?


'Holding Up The Universe' by Jennifer Niven (the author of 'All The Bright Places'). I feel like such a happy lil nerd having gotten back into reading at the end of this summer, but this book is definitely one I'm happy I picked up. I'll have more about it in a post coming up soon (ish) but for now, just know that I love it.


The Vampire Diaries - I started watching it so long ago before all the seasons were on Netflix and gave up because I was too fucking lazy to stream the rest of the episodes. Tragic. 
But I'm re-watching it and I'm hooked yet again. Hashtag Team Damon. Not soz.

Prison Break (with my boyfriend). I mean I know it's cute and all watching something with your partner but shit man I just want to know what happens !!! I am somewhat impatient at the best of times but dammit Tom can't you just move in for a week so we can binge watch the rest of it and eat copious amounts of crisps?


My bedroom *heart eyes emoji*. If you don't already know what happened to my house and you're kinda like eh ??? you can read this post and feel a bit more in the loop. But anyway, I'm obsessed with my bedroom now, I have a new desk and bed and wardrobe and mirror and maybe (just maybe) I'll keep it all nice and tidy. On second thoughts, probs not. 

I'm also kinda in love with my bullet journal. Don't get me wrong, I'm no calligraphy expert and I certainly am not an artist (unfortunately) but I'm excited to see how well the system works for me as I start Uni again now. Plus I'm a little too obsessed with Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube to not try it for myself. 

HOLY SHIT I am more than a little in love with - I'd say borderline obsession - the Marks & Spencer's Tortilla Chips and Smoky Chipotle Salsa. I mean, there's one thing enjoying your Doritos and salsa but mother of God this stuff is something else. In love. It's legit. 

Waiting to:

Start Uni again. Well more specifically, move back into halls. I actually move in tomorrow (??!?!!@!!?1!@?) and you better believe I'm excited. It's so crazy that my 2nd post in this series was a year ago (bad upkeep Soph) when I was just starting first year. Feel like I'm sending my own kid off to school crying into a hankie. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MUN. 
If you missed my last post all about things you might forget to pack for Uni halls you can check it out here because boy, packing can be stressful. My mum certainly seems to think so since the boxes and bags ready to take to halls have been piled up against the wall at waist height in our back room. Soz mum
This year is gonna be hard work for me but I'm actually pretty excited to start. 
I may not feel quite so enthusiastic after jaegerbombs and £1 VK's in Live Lounge the Sunday before I start, but one can think positive, eh?? 

xo, Sophie


  1. this post made me giggle in so many places!

    i am also loving my re-found nerdiness of getting back into reading! i've been doing a little bit every single evening and enjoying the hell out of it #nerdout

    ahhhh so jealous of people still at uni as i get up ready for my full time 9-5 haha! have an amazing time in second year, girlie!!!

    katie. xx

  2. This was so interesting to read as I am really nosey and like to read about people. I love how you set this post out too

    Sophia xo

  3. Great post.

  4. Prison Break is one of my fav TV shows! Legit though it's addictive, such a good show.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode