What I Got For My 20th Birthday

I had such an amazing birthday weekend surrounded by my family, friends and boyfriend (who spoilt me rotten - what a guy x) and since I love reading these kinds of posts, I wanted to share what I got for my birthday.

Hold up now, before anybody gets their knickers all in a twist, I am not bragging about any of this, I'm super grateful to my family and friends who bought me presents because they're fab.

Luv you all.

ANYway, here's what I got.


My boyfriend seriously spoilt me and he knows I am pissed at him for spending so much money.

Seriously boo, I love you and all but ARE YOU SERIOUS.

He bought me a bottle of Archers (Peach Schnapps is my drink okay) because alcohol is obv a necessity. I'm kidding. He also got me some chocolates which I am actually still yet to open - I don't know whether to be proud of myself or disgusted (???) but now that I've reminded myself... I'm sure they won't last long.

He also paid for me to have a Spa experience in Lush which OHMYSWEETJESUS if you haven't been to a Lush spa you better shimmy your lil tooshie along to the closest one to you because it was INCREDIBLE. I'm not gonna go into too much detail because I'm gonna have a whole post about it (your girl got your back on that one) but wow. JUST WOW.

The Jaclyn Hill palette. Oh baby. I actually ordered this myself the day it released because Tom didn't trust himself to be able to get it in time (what a cute little thing he is) so I was set with the task of clicking away DAMN quickly to get my hands on this baby and then he gave me the money back for it. I'm also gonna have a post up alllll about this palette so stay tuned for that one.

How bloody organised do I sound right?? *Pats self on back*

While I was actually having my Lush treatment the day before my birthday (who doesn't love a lil early birthday pamper?), Tom actually surprised me with a Pandora ring as he said he "wanted me to have a surprise present". Again, I love him, but he's dead. It was super sweet though and I think he won over the hearts of every Lush worker in a 5 mile radius because they were all swooning at how cute it was. I done good with that one.

Probs my fave present (if it's possible to choose just 1??) is my brand spankin' new Polaroid camera. He got me a new Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, as my old Instax camera broke when we were in Rome back in February (jeez don't I sound fancy), so I was super excited and grateful to get this one, I'm obsessed with it already. Even my nan wants one. YES Nan.

This picture overall just makes me super happy because I am obsessed with Lush. SOOO why wouldn't I want a shit ton of Lush goodies for my birthday?

These are from a mixture of lovely people - one of my baes from work, my obviously loving twin (we get on sometimes eh?), and 2 of my fave gals Billie and Cerys.

Obviously it's a well known fact that I love a bath. So with enough bath bombs, shower gels, body butters, soaps and bubble bars to last me... a while, I think I'm set.


More alcohol you say?

More Peach Schnapps, you say????? Am I that predictable?

Thanks to my good old mate Laura, I have enough Peach Schnapps to see me through... a few fun nights out. AY. She also bought me 2 liquid lipsticks from NYX, the Beauty and the Beast book (which I am yet to read or watch the film of, say whaaaat?) and made me the sweetest collage of photos on a massive board that shows me and friends from Year 7 up until now, which gave me a good few laughs and also made me want to shed some tears. 2 words. Glo. Up.

Probs the most thoughtful gift I've ever received.
Actually, it is the most thoughtful gift I've ever received.
She wanted to give me a load of pictures since I lost all my photographs in my house fire, and it literally took her 3 days to make. I have the best friends.

Before I start sobbing (because I'm literally looking at the collage right now), I'm gonna get back to the pressies in the photo.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Ohhhhh my Lord if you have seen/smelt/touched/played with this palette you'll know it's incredible. It's been on my list of things to buy for the longest time and shock, Billie and Cerys got my back, they bought it for me.
I'm so damn excited to use it, I don't wanna touch it but I wanna put it all over my face at the same time. Yanno?

My nan and grampy also bought me my fave perfume, the Paco Rabanne Lady Million which I think I've been using for the last probably 5 years??? I'm obsessed.

My mum also got me the cutest Harry Potter mug because I'm a lil bit of a Harry Potter nerd and apparently she ain't gonna let me forget it ???

I was super lucky to also get some money from people and gift cards so I can spend to my hearts desire once I'm back up on my feet again.
(I'm still recovering after my op and boy it's tiring trying to roll myself off the sofa and go up the stairs for a wee after a good old Vampire Diaries binge watch, so I don't think a day in town is my best option right now)

Again, I'm so incredibly lucky to have received these presents from my friends and family so this isn't a post trying to be Miss Braggy-Pants, I hope you enjoyed.

xo, Sophie

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  1. I love all of your gifts, looks like you had an amazing birthday! A bundle of Lush goodies is a sure way to brighten anyones birthday.

    Alice May Snell ♡

    1. I definitely did, and I couldn't agree with you more haha! Thanks lovely xx

  2. You got so many lovely gifts, and it looks like you had a great birthday! I love all of those Lush goodies!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I certainly did I'm so grateful for them! I really did, thanks gorge xx

  3. Ahhh the polaroid camera is so cute :D I need one too for sure!!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT