The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

It's very unlikely that you've not already heard of the Jaclyn Hill palette - I mean it's been out for 2 months and has already had 3 restocks so that everybody who could possibly want it is getting it (well done Jaclyn and Linda, you make us makeup lovers happy)

Alas I'm still going to share what the palette looks like, how it swatches and my thoughts on it...

You can't deny that the palette is hella pretty - I mean, when I saw the initial release pictures I nearly combusted.

It's a damn good looking palette, okay? With 35 brand new eyeshadows that were formulated, tested, re-tested and perfected, because Jaclyn Hill is a lil bit of a perfectionist - but anyone who watches her videos knows that and probably still loves her anyway.

The palette took 2 years to create and each of the eyeshadows is a never-seen-before shade. The palette itself includes a dandy little mixture of mattes, shimmers, satins, foils and pressed glitter and oh LORDY are they pretty.

Don't forget to check out Jaclyn's video all about this baby where she explains not only the palette and shades, but the thought process behind the whole thing. She also talks about why each one is named what it is, which I thought was super cute.

I ordered the palette the day it came out (soz) and it actually came in 5 days. 5 DAYS. TO THE UK. I was happy, to say the least. The one thing I was gutted about though was the fact that mine didn't come with the little shade name sheet, as Morphe doesn't put the shade names in their packaging.
You can however download this pdf file that you can print off and stick on the back or on the inside or whatever you want to do to show you the shade names - you're welcome x

Top row

Enlight - a universal bright neutral champagne shade, perfect for that little pop of inner corner highlight, a great satin shade

Beam - a frosted and more yellow version of it's sister, perfect for slightly deeper skin tones, but let's be real anyone can still use this perfect satin highlight

Silk Creme - your classic, matte transition shade - it reminds me of Makeup Geek peach smoothie which is a cult classic, of course

MFEO - "made for each other" is another matte transition shade, albeit slightly cooler and darker, it works perfectly with Silk Creme

Faint - a frosty peachy pink, this shimmer is stunning all over the lid or for a more princess-esque inner corner highlight

Sissy - I never thought I'd like pinks as much on my eyes but this rose shade with flecks of gold shimmer in is something else, Every skin tone will pull this off this duo-chrome, trust me

Little Lady - if the rosy pink look isn't for you, this shimmery peachier pink shadow might be perfect

Second row

Creamscicle - this really is just a matte creamscicle shade. Somewhere between orange and yellow and mustard, this works really well in your crease when using something more daring like blues and greens on your lid - make that shadow pop girl

Butter - a warm matte terracotta shade, perfect for starting to deepen up your crease - yanno the one every palette needs

Pooter - a much more neutral brown, for when warm orangey browns aren't your go-to

Pukey - if you watch Jaclyn's videos you'll know she loves this shade of warm, almost greeny/yellowy brown, that looks like... well, puke

Hunts - this deepened orangey red shade is amazing, and something I am itching to use as it creeps towards the autumn months, this matte is one of the creamiest mattes

Firework - sorry, did I say autumn? This shimmering hot red/warm brown/copper is something I don't know how I lived without. It is literally like a firework.

Queen - the ultimate shimmery gold, not too warm, not too cool, it's a pure gold

Third row

Obsessed - if you're looking for the perfect all-over-lid shade after mastering your poppin' smokey eye, this shimmery cool champagne kinda colour is it.

SBN - "smokey, but natural" - such a cute way to describe it, but it's true! Pop this coppery brown shade all over your lid and pull your whole look together, making it look as if you've made so much more effort than you actually did

Hillster - this is a cream shimmer as opposed to just a shimmer, and it legit feels like butter. BUTTER. A dark burnt coppery brown shade that would look amaze to deepen up your outer corner, or to glam up a halo eye

Roxanne - this is almost a matte version of Hillster, just a perfect dark burnt reddy brown. Pair it will Hillster, go on, I dare you

Jacz - a much more reddy burgundy matte shade than the last. UGH I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE AUTUMN VIBES

Buns - a kinda fudgey neutral brown. Basic, but necessary

Cranapple - OH MA LORD. The name Cranapple is perfect for this shimmery cranberry shade

Fourth row

Royalty - a stunning shimmery purple pressed with silver glitter. The perfect royal looking purple

Twerk - a more royal blue version of Royalty, I literally do not own a shadow like this. And I'm obsessed

Hustle - a cool tone??? Where has Jaclyn gone?? This is the perfect greyish taupe gunmetal shimmer

Meeks - your staple bronze. I don't know how else to describe it but a real bronze shadow

24/7 - THIS is the pressed glitter shade in the palette. This needs to be applied with your finger or a wet brush, so don't be fooled by the seemingly underwhelming pigment when applied dry with a brush. This'll look great with Meeks and Chip, the next shade

Chip - a cool brown, much more purple and deep than your typical warm orangey brown shade

Mocha - Mocha is a warmer more fudgey brown, 100% necessary in a palette like this and ohhh boy this whole row is making me feel things

Fifth row

Pool Party - a duo-chrome aqua blue, I was desperate to use this on my lid but this and the next shade would look amaze on your lower lash line

Jada - legit one of my favourite shades in the palette along with Pool Party. This matte teal is my favourite colour ever. And now I have an eyeshadow of it I'm super excited to play <3333

Diva - a "high shine foil with glitter" - this green is incredible. Super metallic and surprisingly easy to pair with any smokey eye; browns, reds, bronzes...

Enchanted - a matte version of it's neighbour, use it with it or with a basic smokey eye for an easy pop of colour

Central Park - this matte cool toned brown looks like coffee. Legit like the colour of coffee beans. Easy peasy to darken up your outer V or lower lash line with

Soda Pop - this is actually a really dark purple that'll look great in the same way that Enchanted will on your lower lash line for a little peek of colour

Abyss - who doesn't need or want a matte black in a palette, eh?

Obviously I couldn't wait to play with the palette, and since I knew the initial craze would be for the neutral warm smokey shades, I was drawn to going to opposite way and dipping my brush straight into Pool Party and Twerk. Because blue is fun too. (I never use blue)

These eyeshadows are not only crazy pigmented (especially the shimmers), but they're so easy to work with. I own a few other Morphe palettes that I already love and cherish, but this palette is like a whole other ball game. 

You can tell that everything is new and improved, you can see the love that was put into creating it and for such a great price (even if it has been a bit controversial because it's more expensive than the regular palettes), I definitely think it's worth picking up and trying for yourself.

Although I will say once again, if you're ordering to the UK, shipping is EXPENSIVE. And you WILL get hit with customs - mine came in a letter 2 weeks later saying I had to pay the fee. More than a little heartbreaking. 

I can't wait to create more looks with this and experiment with some colour combinations. I freakin love having a palette you can do so much with - some would say "it's the only one you need" but let's be realistic, we all need 50 of the same neutral shade of brown, don't we? Hashtag basic. 

Don't forget to sign up to see when the palette is next dropping so you can snap one up for yourself!

xo, Sophie


  1. I'm so jealous! I really want this palette, BADLY. I was accepting of the price and customs charges, but when I saw $15 for delivery on top it just seemed too much. But now I cry every time I see someone else use theirs ha! Glad you like it!

    JaynieShannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


    1. I know exactly what you mean haha! I'm trying to justify myself by saying I'd pay near enough that for a high end palette and they do feel like high end shadows!! Xx

  2. The shades are absolutely stunning! They're literally perfect for every occasion, like there's no shade not to use. Love the look you created too!

    Anika xo |

    1. They're seriously so versatile! And aw thank you!! Xx

  3. The shades in this palette are gorgeous! You created a lovely look here too:)

    Emily xo

  4. These shadows sound incredible but I am so hesitant with things like this because of the shipping cost to Australia, which I'm assuming would be massive! The quality of these shadows sound really good as well, what do you think they are similar too (like a brand) formula wise if you had to compare?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode