The Best Spa Experience Ever

I'm allowing myself to say this is the best spa treatment I've ever had because it's actually the only treatment I've ever had (loophole) but oh boy I think this is gonna take some miracle with fireworks and fairies to beat. 

The day before my birthday my boyfriend booked me in for 'The Comforter?' treatment in my local Lush store - I actually mentioned a little about this in my 'what I got for my birthday post' if you saw that, but I was certainly in for a treat. 

The actual spa is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen. Hands down.

It's made to look like an old country house kitchen with cute interior and old wooden shelves and furniture, so you feel right at home - you'd never believe it's above the shop, and it just me oh-so much more excited.

They have the cutest little details in the rooms, like these jars with massage bars in them that are labelled things like "perspective", "peace", "confidence" and "relaxed" which definitely made me smile. 

I'm not going to give too much away about the treatment room because it's definitely a cute surprise, but there was a shelf with little serum bottles with similar kind of labels. I was completely obsessed with the whole place.

Onto the actual treatment.

Oh my LORD. It's like nothing I've ever experienced.

"Welcome to a world of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, bittersweet cacao kisses and dripping chocolate. First, an indulgent, hot chocolate scrub to cloud you in the heavenly ministrations of massage, then a bubbling rose serum, hot, rich and dripping on your skin, euphorically floral for your body to savour. 
You’re drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music, on the weird and wonderful chords which send shivers of recognition down your spine, and send you high up to hushabye mountain.
Fireworks of thought conjure up fantastical, long-lost daydreams where you linger, free from responsibility. Awake, tickled pink with velveteen skin and a reawakened sense of playfulness."

I went into the whole thing not having a clue what to expect and girllll that is the best way to go. Every little sweet surprise was something I won't forget; I wish I could do the whole thing again and again.

'The Comforter?' is one of the hour long treatments that you do have to strip off for, but you get to lie on a bed underneath a cosy little duvet (a heated bed, might I add) so it's not like you're lying in your undies for everybody to see.

It started off with a whole body hot chocolate scrub that felt and smelt incredible, I mean Lush, WHY CAN'T YOU SELL THAT STUFF????
Each part of your body is then massaged and exfoliated in a clockwise rotation (so your chest, then your arm, leg, other leg and finally your other arm) and then the chocolate scrub is removed with hot towels and then dry towels. You then turn over onto your tummy and the whole thing is repeated on your back and the backs of your legs.

I've never enjoyed being towel dried as much as this - it was literally an arm massage while being dried off. Oh baby.

After the chocolate scrub, the therapist used a rose serum all over, which also smelt amazing and was super smoothing and hydrating - again massaging it into my skin - I swear to God I nearly fell asleep while she was doing this... no joke.

While all of this was happening and the room was smelling like a deliciously relaxing sweet shop, they were playing a custom made soundtrack specifically for this treatment. (You can actually buy the CD's too!!) Each song made me smile as they're a lot of old favourites that I recognised nearly immediately, but they're given their own Lush twist, which just made everything more magical and unique.

Once the whole treatment was finished (I mean I know, why did it have to finish?), I was taken back into the little room we started off in, asked if I wanted to sign the guest book (of course) and given one last little surprise which I'm not gonna spoil for ya, and it was sadly time to go back to reality.

The whole thing was overwhelming and fabulous in every way - it definitely reminded me not to take life so seriously and to just have fun. As if Lush could get MORE fun, right?

I literally haven't stopped talking about 'The Comforter?' since I had it and I 112% recommend it to anybody, whether you're young, old, male, female, a student, full time worker or anything in between, it was something I'm not going to forget.

I'm pretty sure you can buy vouchers for the treatments online here or you can pop into a store with a spa to book one! GO. GO NOW. 

xo, Sophie

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