9 Easy Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

Being an adult can be hard (I say this like I'm 35, not 20).

But seriously, whether you're stressing about Uni or college work, are up binge watching That Show On Netflix, are so busy with a full time job or are rushing around with a baby, there's a number of things that can take their toll. 

One of which being getting little to no sleep. 

You know the drill, you stay up all night, worry about not getting enough sleep ready for the next day but because you're WORRYING so much you end up... not getting enough sleep

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

It's very unlikely that you've not already heard of the Jaclyn Hill palette - I mean it's been out for 2 months and has already had 3 restocks so that everybody who could possibly want it is getting it (well done Jaclyn and Linda, you make us makeup lovers happy)

Alas I'm still going to share what the palette looks like, how it swatches and my thoughts on it...

How To Be Strong When Your Whole World Is Falling Apart

Losing someone is hard. Really hard.

It's like your whole world has stopped, but everybody around you is living their lives like nothing happened, or you've been kicked in the stomach and you're gasping for air, desperate to find out it was all just a horrible nightmare.

You might want to kick and scream and beg for it to not be real, or you might just find yourself standing in a spot, staring at the wall while another wave of despair hits you, like I have been doing over the past 2 weeks.

The Best Spa Experience Ever

I'm allowing myself to say this is the best spa treatment I've ever had because it's actually the only treatment I've ever had (loophole) but oh boy I think this is gonna take some miracle with fireworks and fairies to beat. 

The day before my birthday my boyfriend booked me in for 'The Comforter?' treatment in my local Lush store - I actually mentioned a little about this in my 'what I got for my birthday post' if you saw that, but I was certainly in for a treat. 

Primark Insta-Worthy Homeware Haul

Homeware is the rageee at the moment, everyone's obsessed with instagram-worthy set ups, so obviously I jumped on the little bandwagon - as one does - and ran along to Primark to see what all the fuss was about. 

Let me just say, Primark are killing it with their home department recently, and with the oh-so-popular copper craze and "i'll take everything in marble print" obsession flying about, it was pretty easy to find some things that I liked.

What I Got For My 20th Birthday

I had such an amazing birthday weekend surrounded by my family, friends and boyfriend (who spoilt me rotten - what a guy x) and since I love reading these kinds of posts, I wanted to share what I got for my birthday.

Hold up now, before anybody gets their knickers all in a twist, I am not bragging about any of this, I'm super grateful to my family and friends who bought me presents because they're fab.

Luv you all.

ANYway, here's what I got.


Why 2017 Hasn't Been My Year

Oooooh boy. 

I've put off writing this for the longest time because it's probably the hardest post I've ever had to write. 

We're really digging deep into the personal life of Sophie now, straying away from the typical happy-as-Larry girl who rambles about food and gets excited about new makeup. This is the realio dealio. 

I don't know how else to write this other than to just jump straight in. 

2017 has not been my year. Not by any means. I mean, January up until March was pretty good, yanno, the usual "I'm gonna get fit" "New year new me" mantra. We've all been there.