My New Favourite Makeup Brushes?

If you're anything like me, you're super happy to find makeup brushes that are good quality, are actually easy to use and don't break the bank. Student life.

I recently bought the Rose Gold set from IndyLuxe, a brush brand that sells vegan and cruelty free makeup brushes. 

Can we just take one moment to appreciate how freakin' pretty these are? I mean. Come on. These are giving me life

I showed these on my Instagram last week - make sure to follow me ya lil angels <333 And I also mentioned them in one of my recent posts, make sure to go check it out if you haven't already. Thnx.

I was super excited to buy this set, it comes with 8 rose gold brushes that are only £28. I don't see how much better it gets gal.

And seriously, I wouldn't hype these up if I didn't actually love them. Looking past the gorgeous handles (I know it's hard), these are probably hands down some of the softest brushes I've ever used. I sat for a good 10 minutes just brushing these across my hand before I could start playing with them. Don't tell me you've never done this, you know you'd be lying.

The face brushes

The first 4 brushes are face brushes; a large tapered angled brush, a large pointed brush, a large more flat tapered brush and a fan brush. 

Obviously I had to take pictures of these before I got them all dirty because seriously, fresh brushes are so aesthetically pleasing. And no one wants to see my brushes after like 2 weeks of use now, do they? That made it sound like my brushes are gross I PROMISE I LUV MY MAKEUP BRUSHES DEARLY AND LOOK AFTER THEM </333 

I personally like using the large more angled brush for bronzer, it applies and blends it so well and is a bit easier to get in under your cheekbones. Now, this is big ass brush. I find it can be a bit too large for contouring specifically since it's both quite big and quite dense, but it works super well at warming up your face, so if you like a bronzed face that still gives some definition to your cheekbones this will be great, but it's not gonna give you that little sharp chiselled line on it's own. Plus it's summer, so obviously you wanna look bronzed as hell. (Especially if you're like me and are super pale - where is my tan pls)

Probably one of my fave brushes if not my favourite brush out of the collection is the pointed brush. This is the most perfect brush for setting your under eyes with powder. It's pointed enough that you can get riiight under your eye, but still big enough that you're not working for 5 minutes to set your concealer. 

The large flatter brush I find is good to set your entire face. This is another pretty big brush, so not really something you could use for more precise application for something like contouring again, but it's great for slapping on powder. I also think I'm gonna try this for blush as it's not too dense that it'll put too much product down and make it hard to blend, but it's still tapered enough that it'll fit nicely on your cheeks and back towards your cheekbone. Lovely stuff.

Last but certainly not least with the face brushes is the fan brush. Now up until I got this I've used the Morphe M310 pretty religiously. This brush is so. much. softer. I'm serious, this is the softest fan brush I've ever felt. It's also smaller than the Morphe one, so easier to get a more precise and natural highlight application if that's what you're in to. PS, it also makes it super easy to highlight your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow, and, yanno, everywhere else you want dat glow.

These all pick up product so well but also don't pack them all over your face and make you look muddy, which is perrrrfect.

The eye brushes

Onto the eye brushes, which ahhhh I never complain about owning lots of, because they all do different things, right? YOU DO NEED THEM ALL x

The first 2 eye brushes are blending brushes - the first being a bit longer and thinner, and the second being that little bit more fat and less precise. These work hand in hand like a lil cute married couple to both apply colour to your crease and blend it out seamlessly. I will say I would have liked if one of these was a little more dense, or if there was an extra, slightly denser one in the fam, as these are both quite fluffy (especially the first one), but realistically we've all already got one of those in our collections.

The little itty bitty pencil brush is amazing. I love using this to blend shadows right up under my lashes on my lower lash line, but it's also great for applying a highlight to your inner corner and/or smoking out shadow/liner on your lash line. Pencil brushes are pretty versatile so this is a damn good staple in my collection.

The last brush in the entire set is an angled brow brush. This is a little bit fatter than the Anastasia Beverly Hills brush which I can't for the fucking life of me remember the name of, but it's the shorter handle one with the spoolie on the other end. You know the one? Fab.
I've read that this IndyLuxe brush is great for brow pomades though, which is what I've been loving it for, rather than powder brow products, as the pomade smushes all the hairs together to leave a nice sharp edge on your brows. And every gal loves her brows.

All in all this set is amazing, I'm not only in love with how they look, but how they actually work which is just as - or probably more - important. I've been hammering on about these to my friends recently, and I'm pretty sure everyone that sees them or has them is in love.

You can use all of these brushes for whatever you want, because makeup is versatile n we don't follow no rules - all of these all really good quality and I've not experienced any hairs coming out or them losing their shape.

I do actually have a 20% off discount code for you to use on the IndyLuxe website which is "XOSOPHHH20" so make sure to check it out!

I purchased this set with my own money and all opinions are my own as always - this post is not sponsored in any way and I haven't been told to write this, I just wanted to share my opinions with you so that you can also bask in the glory that is this set. 

xo, Sophie


  1. These look so pretty, so need them in my collection!

    Lotte |

    1. You definitely do they're so stunning! Xx

  2. I have been hearing so many good things about this brush brand lately, these are simply stunning!

    Alice May Snell ♡

    1. They really are, would definitely recommend them!! Xx

  3. oh my gosh how pretty?! xx