Goals For The Rest Of 2017

Starting this goals post off at the end of June is obviously my style so this is going to be my goals for the rest of 2017. Saved that one didn't I?

Oh, and making lists makes me feel organised and happy. LISTS GALORE. So making this into a list on my phone ready to write a post about was pretty damn satisfying.
Feel like I've almost got my life in order.

Giving myself goals makes me feel a lot more productive and I can tick off things that I've actually managed to do so I don't feel like a slob who sits around eating ice cream and watching Netflix all day. Even though I do that too. Oh well.

To start off, I want to be more organised - when it comes to Uni and stuff I tend to hoard. And I mean, I am a serious hoarder. I have a problem.

I basically mean I want to keep things more organised. My makeup, my uni work, my clothes, the list goes on. And on. I find lipsticks in bags I haven't used in months and important paperwork my underwear drawer. Don't even ask.

I need to get my shit together and actually arrange things so I can see what I've actually got and I know where things are. You get my drift.

A way in which I can't wait to be more organised with my life and what I'm actually doing every day is starting a Bullet Journal. I have been obsessed recently with the idea behind the bullet journal and how easy it is to fit to your lifestyle while still making notebook pages all cute n pretty.

And I cannot frickin wait okay?
My friend Billie has my back on this one. BuJo <333333

If you don't know what the bullet journal system is I highly suggest checking out Ryder Carroll's bullet journal video here as he did create this whole idea.

I also love watching people's set ups and getting inspiration for when I start mine. My nerdy self is ready. Some of my fave YouTuber's who bullet journal are Amanda Rach Lee, Miss Louie, Boho Berry and Caitlin's Corner. I've linked some of their videos if you wanna go check them out. Thank me later boo.

Next up on my goals list is move back into my house. This is a lot more of a personal goal for me as my house actually burnt down on the 1st April.

Not an April Fools joke I promise. But as it's in the long process of being rebuilt, I would really love to just have everything finished and back to normal by Christmas. That's the goal. Pls.

On a happier note, I also want to keep up with my blog. I did actually not blog for nearly a year and I deleted loads of my old posts so that I could near enough start fresh, but I've remembered how much I actually love blogging.

Seriously. Hallelujaaaaah.

I want to keep up with it as I've been posting more consistently/regularly recently and it feels so good to take a break from Netflix (let's be real) and blog about things.
How cringe x

I also want to keep up with the gym for the rest of this year, I go through stages where I'm like YEEEEAAA SUMMER BODY and then it comes to just before summer and I've stopped going and I feel like a whale again. Oh wait yeah that was this summer, go me x

Another set back is because I'm not actually allowed to work out yet, I was told by the hospital to avoid the gym since I'm waiting for an operation (isn't my life just dandy at the moment?) so I'm actually pretty keen to get back to the gym, even if it is when I go back to Uni. Lol. Better late than never gurl you tell yourself that.

I also want to stop putting as much pressure on myself when I do go to the gym. If I get into a good routine I won't feel so much like I'm forcing myself to go, or like I'm just going every now and again so "there's really no point in going anymore right?"

I've been there. More than once.

Kind of linking into this one is to eat better.

I love cooking and I do actually love cooking good food (along with the occasion cake let's not kid ourselves here) but I really just need to make it more of a habit. I'm also going to try meal prepping again as it's sooo helpful even if it is a bit of a ball-ache while you're spending a whole evening cooking meals for the next few days and then ughhhh the washing up. The bane of my existence.

I also want to read more. I'm a huge bookworm (lol) but I have been since I was little, but over the last year I've kind of just... stopped... reading. And I like reading. It's like a war against myself.

But I really do want to get back into reading regularly, and since I did lose basically my entire book collection in the fire I have quite a big book wish-list ready for when I get some money or OOO. For my birthday.

Genius. Go me

That was my goals for the rest of this year, what are yours?

xo, Sophie

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  1. ah I love personal posts like these, I think they're my favourites! my goal is to (hopefully) be a good mummy! xx


    1. Aw thanks love! X
      And aw congratulations!! I'm sure you'll be an amazing mum! Xx

  2. Oh girl I'm totally with you on trying to be more organised, my room is such a MESS at the moment, I need to have a hugeeeeeee clear out, I know I'll feel so much better for it too! Some great goals lovely! I've been trying to read at least two books a month since the beginning of this year, it's the best way to switch off!

    Hayley xo

    1. Totally agree with you there haha! And that's a good idea!
      Thanks lovely xx