A Much Needed Break In Spain

I think I'd be kidding myself if I said everyone didn't need a bit of time away sometimes, whether it be a holiday, a bit of time off your blog or just a few days to yourself.
Everyone needs a breather

I've not long got back from Spain with my boyfriend and jeez did I need that. Time away from home, not having to think or worry or stress (even if it was only for a week).

Day 1
After leaving the house at 4am to get to the airport, we arrived at the hotel at midday - let me tell you, passport control is crazy nowadays. We went down to chill by the pool near enough straight away, this chick was nearly running
And ahhh how I love all inclusive. Time to stuff my face with as much food as I could possibly eat and then wash it down with a cocktail... or 5. Tip: if you've got the money to spend a little extra on all inclusive, definitely do it, food ain't exactly cheap so why on earth wouldn't you want it for free? 

Day 2
We were supposed to be going to the biggest waterpark in Magaluf today, buuuut my boyfriend thought it'd be a great idea to drink the tap water. Rule number 1 of holidays abroad - N E V E R drink the tap water. Seriously, don't do it. We went to the shop just down the road from the hotel and got a 6l bottle of water for €1.40 - quite possibly the best money we spent while we were out there. 
It was still nice though; we walked along the beach and stayed in/near the hotel for the day, and I was all up for sunbathing by the pool (I'm horribly pale nearly all year round so this was my chance okay?)
Just wanna take a chance to give a shoutout to the strawberry mousse in the hotel. I'll come back for you. You were special.

Day 3
So on the Friday night we went to the Pirates Reloaded show and oh my lord what a night. We'd already bought the tickets from a rep in our hotel and after being recommended it and told OHMYGODYOUHAVETOGO by anyone we knew that had been to Magaluf we defo did not want to miss this. 
We'd spent most of the morning playing cards on our balcony because you can be sure I was not going to get tired of that 6 floors up ocean view any time soon. After dinner we had drinks in the hotel (we milked the all inclusive cocktails okay?) and went to Coco Bongos which was a bar/club a little walk away from our hotel, and it was the 'official pre-drinks' for the Pirate Show. 
Seriously now, if you go to Magaluf/Palmanova/anywhere close enough that you can go to this, I 110% recommend you do it. It's an 18+ event, and was a mixture of a cirque de soleil show and a strip show essentially. My boyfriend and I both really enjoyed it, the acts were incredible! There really was something for everyone and the Ringmaster was so good, really interacting with the audience. I mean, they had everyone standing on the benches singing Wonderwall and Angels. What more can you want? 

Day 4
Saturday was definitely a chill day, and we definitely needed a good nights sleep as it was cold in the night because we had the aircon on full blast, but then uncomfortably hot in the morning as the sun rose. A girl just wants a good kip. The variety of food they had every day was so good and more than we expected I think; there was a load of salad stuff as well as different pastas, paellas, a few options of both fish and meats and then some of the best varieties of potatoes I've eaten. For anyone who knows me, I am a big fan of potato. And no, I'm not joking. They had roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, mash, chips, half jackets covered in cheese, cheesy potatoes. Ohmylord safe to say I was a happy lil potato. (Get it)

Day 5
We'd both said that we wanted at least 1 proper night out before we went home, and I mean we'd already done the Pirate Show and had been out to a couple of bars every now and again, and of course we spent a couple of evenings just in the hotel drinking as they always had music on or a performance or games etc, but a night out was something we both wanted to do. I did wish my friends could have been there with us as I love a night out with the girls, and they would have loved it so much (but I mean they were basically there with the snapchats I was sending them - you're welcome gals x). I do however love a night out with my boyfriend. We both dance like idiots so it was nice to relax and have a laugh (with drinks of course). 
Just as we were heading back a crazy thunder storm was starting so it was safe to say we moved our little butts pretty quickly back to the hotel. I mean, not long after we got back people were legit swimming in the streets. With rubber rings. I'm not a fan of thunder and lightning at all  so I basically hid under the covers for the majority of the evening. Wuss. I did manage to get a pretty cool picture of a strike of lightning but shock, it doesn't want to load on here. You'll just have to take my word for it okay?

Day 6
Quite possibly the most exciting part of the holiday was going scuba diving. Neither me or my boyfriend had ever done it before so it was super exciting. It was as if we'd timed it perfectly, as when we were on the drive to the scuba diving centre the weather completely cleared up and it was completely blue skies (thanks to the big man in the sky, you got my back). We only went 6m deep as it was our first time but you'd be surprised how deep that actually is! Our instructor told us we saw 6 different species of fish and it was amazing! He got out a little bag of bread that was attached to his wetsuit and within about 30 seconds we were swarmed by nearly 100 fish that would literally come right up to you and were taking bread out of your hands, I mean I'm basically a pro diver/mermaid/fish whisperer now xo
We went to a couple of bars in the evening after dinner and I seriously slept like a baby that night.

Day 7
Ahh, our last day *sheds tear*. We spent most of the afternoon at the beach where I'd switched my factor 30 sun cream for factor 8 tanning oil. I was pretty desperate by this point okay. I did actually catch a tan - hallelujah - and then we went back to the hotel for showers and to get ready for our meal out. 

Let me just say one thing, the Pirates Beach Bar & Grill has the best ribs I have ever eaten. Ever. In my life. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a meal more than this one. And I LIKE food. Our friends had recommended eating here, even if it was only once, and it was such a nice way to end the holiday, even if I did gain about 2 stone in an hour. It was worth it I tell ya
We went down to the hotel bar once we'd got back for a couple more cocktails and to leave a tip for the staff before going to bed. 

Day 8
We got up super early ready to get check out of the hotel and then get picked up about quarter to 8.  I mean, we did catch sunrise though?
We wandered round duty free (shock) once we'd checked in, where we both bought perfume/aftershave with some of the euros we had left - I refrained from buying makeup I'm so proud of myself -, and of course fridge magnets for my family (what is it with them and fridge magnets?) and then finally took off from Spain about quarter past 11, and then landed at about 25 to 1 UK time. 

There's something so depressing about stepping off the plane in the UK and getting the complete opposite reaction... I mean who wants to step out straight into cold air and wind? 
I definitely feel somewhat more relaxed and content after a week away though...

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xo, Sophie


  1. I can't wait for my holiday! These pictures are making me so jealous.

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. Hope you have an amazing time on your holiday! X