8 Things I Hate About Summer

This is straight up going to be controversial. I know it. But I had to share this with you today while  everyone else is swanning around in the perfect weather.

Let's 'av it. 

I'm gonna jump straight into things. I'm literally sat here writing this sweating my ass off as it's 27 degrees outside. I'M IN WALES THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.

1. Hayfever

This has to be the number 1 thing I HATE about summer. To all of you who struggle with hay fever, how ever mild or severe it may be, I feel you. I don't think I've ever struggled with my hay fever as much as I have this year already. The runny nose, the puffy eyes, the constant sneezing. I've got it all. And there's still a solid 2 months left of summer. Kill me off.
My boyfriend literally tells me that I'm "allergic to the sun and flowers and all things nice". Boo, I finally think you're right.
My eyes have never felt so puffy and itchy and raw than they do right now. I mean I've got prescribed eye drops and they still look like I've been punched in both eyes and then cried about it for a solid 2 weeks. Not cute.

2. Coming back off holiday

I talked about this exact feeling in this post but I seriously don't know how else to word it. Holidays really are the best time; chilling out maxin' relaxin' all cool, spending time with your fave people, not having to think about anything... but there's not a lot more depressing to me than stepping off the plane into the cold and having to go back to reality. Cry.
Although this hasn't even fully been the case these last couple of weeks. GO AWAY SUN/HEAT. Which leads me onto my next point.

3. Being too hot

This may just be me but jesus christ I hate being too hot. I hate being uncomfortable all day in a sweaty sticky climate feeling like I need to rip my clothes off and jump into an ice bath. I like to wear jeans... All year round. Why can't you just let me do that in comfort?

4. Not being near a beach

This isn't so much something rubbish about summer but it's something pretty rubbish about the area I live. I mean, I am no where near a beach. Let alone a half decent beach. And I don't wanna have to travel to a beach when traffic's going to be horrible and it's going to be packed full of families etc. And then by the time I get there the sun will be going down, there'll be nowhere to sit and the BLOODY SEAGULLS ARE TRYING TO EAT MY CHIPPY. This is just me whining now. I know. Apologies okay, it's been a hard day. *sobs*

5. My car being too hot

Speaking of travelling when it's hot, do you ever get that feeling when you open your car door and feel like you're stepping into the fiery pits of doom. Of course you do. You know what I'm on about right? Thnx.
I mean, you can leave your windows open a little but it does nothing to counteract the fact that your car has become a sauna. Or you can leave them open quite a bit and risk someone stealing your car. Nobody can win.

6. Wasps

I don't even think this needs explaining. They're everywhere. Everywhere.
They just come out and swarm round you to ruin your day and make you flap your arms about to get them away; therefore looking like a bit of a dickhead.

7. Work being crazy busy

I know it's never the same when it's you going into a cafe/shop of any sorts and wanting something to cool you down because you've had such a hard day of spending money you don't have. But it just becomes that little bit more tedious when it's you behind the counter and you've been there for hours. I love work! I really do! But my God is it hard to work when it's so hot outside, and even worse when the temperature's also slowwwwly creeping up inside your store as well.

8. Humidity

Ahhh, last but not least, humidity. Every curly haired girl's dream. Not. It doesn't matter how long I've spent washing, drying and styling my hair; if it's hot, that effort has gone down the drain in 0.748 seconds. BAM. Lion mane. I envy the girls that can pull off the big hair look but I sure as hell ain't one of them girls. And that sure as heck is enough to ruin anyones day.

What do you hate about summer?

xo, Sophie

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  1. Hahah I loved this! I actually really love summer. It's my favourite season. But I definitely do feel for hayfever suffers this time of the year. It must be horrible and unbearable. Wasps and any insect during summer are so annoying. I literally feel like I'm always dodging them haha xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I don't hate summer as a whole but man am I ready for Autumn already!!
      Glad you enjoyed, thanks so much love xx

  2. Ahaha I love this! Don't get me wrong I do love the sunshine and I adore my summer holidays, but I'm happy with two weeks of sunshine and heat in another country once a year and that's it! I'm an autumn girl and much much prefer the brisk mornings and dark cosy nights in over the long and sticky summer days! Fab post <3 xxx

    1. So glad you agree haha! Ahhhh I can't wait for Autumn! Xx
      Thanks so much love x