Goals For The Rest Of 2017

Starting this goals post off at the end of June is obviously my style so this is going to be my goals for the rest of 2017. Saved that one didn't I?

Oh, and making lists makes me feel organised and happy. LISTS GALORE. So making this into a list on my phone ready to write a post about was pretty damn satisfying.
Feel like I've almost got my life in order.

Giving myself goals makes me feel a lot more productive and I can tick off things that I've actually managed to do so I don't feel like a slob who sits around eating ice cream and watching Netflix all day. Even though I do that too. Oh well.

Full Face One Brand - Jordana (Affordable)

I'm so excited for this post since I've never done anything like this before (eeeek). This is going to be a full face of makeup using only one brand, oh, and it gets better, because they are one of the most affordable brands I have tried... I'm talking about Jordana, the sister company to Milani who so many know and love, but I've seriously heard no hype about Jordana.

Jordana is an American brand, based in California, and they've been around for over 25 years (!!), but now are stocked with Beauty Bay so I really wanted to get my hands on some goodies. I mean everything is priced between £4 and £7. I'm serious. Go and open Beauty Bay in another tab right now boo and get adding to that basket.

Side note: I got my acrylic nails taken off the other day and though I miss them, holy crap is typing on a computer so so so much easier - first world problems

Ps. This post is not sponsored, all views are my own.

8 Things I Hate About Summer

This is straight up going to be controversial. I know it. But I had to share this with you today while  everyone else is swanning around in the perfect weather.

Let's 'av it. 

I'm gonna jump straight into things. I'm literally sat here writing this sweating my ass off as it's 27 degrees outside. I'M IN WALES THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.

A Much Needed Break In Spain

I think I'd be kidding myself if I said everyone didn't need a bit of time away sometimes, whether it be a holiday, a bit of time off your blog or just a few days to yourself.
Everyone needs a breather

I've not long got back from Spain with my boyfriend and jeez did I need that. Time away from home, not having to think or worry or stress (even if it was only for a week).

Day 1
After leaving the house at 4am to get to the airport, we arrived at the hotel at midday - let me tell you, passport control is crazy nowadays. We went down to chill by the pool near enough straight away, this chick was nearly running
And ahhh how I love all inclusive. Time to stuff my face with as much food as I could possibly eat and then wash it down with a cocktail... or 5. Tip: if you've got the money to spend a little extra on all inclusive, definitely do it, food ain't exactly cheap so why on earth wouldn't you want it for free? 

What's In My Holiday Makeup Bag

Back at it again with the pre-scheduled posts

Ahhh while this post is up I'll be sat on a sunny beach sipping cocktails and... wearing all of these products. I don't know about you but I cannot stand the feeling of heavy makeup when it's so hot my whole body feels like it's melting; I do not need my face melting as well.

(Side note - just as I'm writing this the post man has come with a parcel for me, praise the lord for overdrafts boo. If you ever wanna be convinced to spend money that you don't really have, swing my way)