Summer Holiday Picks: Lipsticks

I remember writing one of these posts before I went to Mallorca back in 2014 (???) but I've since deleted it because I ain't about them old blog posts anymore. New year new me and all that. (Even though it's the end of May). 

I'm purposely writing this a few days before I actually post it thanks to the power of scheduling, since when I post this I'll probably be having a solid nap ready to get up nice and early to fly to Spain on Wednesday morning, hallelujaaaaah get me on holiday

I thought it'd be nice to share the lipsticks I'm going to be taking with me, as I've narrowed it down to 5 so I don't take my whole collection, only use a couple of them and then cry when I realise they've all melted in the 30 degree heat. I ain't ready for that kind of loss.

The 5 I narrowed it down to are (very surprisingly) 4 nudes and then 1 red that I thought I'd throw in the mix - switching it up n all

(The only reason the Too Faced liquid lipstick isn't in this is because the shade name isn't printed on the bottom and that ain't aesthetically pleasing for anyone)

Too Faced - Cool Girl
I have been living in this liquid lipstick for the last week or so, it's the perfect true nude that leans a little deeper than Child Star, but I think I preferred this one over the latter. This is so pigmented and literally feels like you're not wearing anything. I can near enough eat and drink to my little hearts content and only have to touch this up towards the end of the day, it settles a tinsy bit into some lines of my lips but I do generally have chapped lips so exfoliate and moisturise and you're good to go!

YSL - 32
If I'm honest the main reason I'm taking this is because I need to get more use out of it - I've hardly touched my regular lipsticks since I got thrown in the magical land that is liquid lipsticks, but this shade is so pretty I need to just use it. It's really moisturising so obviously it doesn't have the staying power of a liquid lipstick, but it's a really nice coral shade. I will say again though that you defffffinitely need to exfoliate your lips before wearing this as any dry skin will make you look like a hot crusty mess. Not cute.

Illamasqua - Rosepout
This lipstick holds a special place in my collection as it's the lipstick I bought when I had my makeup done at Illamasqua for my 18th birthday. What a throwback that night was. It has a satin finish so it's almost matte but isn't drying on your lips; it's a light pinky nude that looks quite nice on it's own, but I love it over a slightly darker nude lip pencil/stick. Laaaave me a nude lip (shock)

MAC - Back In Vogue
I remember when the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick line first came out and Back In Vogue was the first shade that I wanted, so it's funny that I've only recently got it, and since then MAC have realllllly stepped up the nude game (hehe) with their new shades. Back In Vogue is a light peachy nude shade that I can't wait to get more wear out of this summer as since I'm so naturally pale, it can wash me out a bit. Bring on the tan please drive. I've found with a couple of the other shades that these can dry my lips out quite a bit and after a while/eating and drinking the colour can start to separate in the centre of my lips, but your gal can get on with it.

Limecrime - Red Velvet
The Limecrime Velvetines have to be some of my hands down favourite liquid lipsticks that I've tried, they have just about every colour you can think of, they stay matte and aren't drying - what more can ya want?
Red Velvet is the perfect red, it lasts so long I love it, and realistically I wouldn't be a proper girl if I didn't include one shade to take on holiday that wasn't a nude, would I?

So that is it for my holiday lipstick picks, I need me some sun (even though Wales has actually been super hot recently, but the thought of Barry Island isn't quite the same as a beach in Spain now is it?)

xo, Sophie

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