My Custom Z-Palette & Swatches - WARM TONES

What better way to kick off my blog again than with one of my absolute favourite posts to read eh?

This is going to be a post showing you the custom Z-palette that I made after placing a rather disgustingly large order on Beauty Bay for these shadows, I mean, they're less than £5 each (sorry bank account pls still love me). 

Makeup Geek have fast become some of my favourite eyeshadows that I own, so naturally I ordered a shit ton more to fill a nice big palette up with. The logic is there in my head I promise...

This is the extra large Z-palette which fits 35 eyeshadow pans and obviously I had to be extra and go with the pretty gold effect one as it makes it that little bit more satisfying to sit and stare at - and yes, I have done this on multiple occasions - they sell them on Beauty Bay along with the regular palettes

I do actually own some other eyeshadows by Makeup Geek that are in a different Z-palette, but for now I'm just going to be sharing all my warm toned ones (the others and more cool toned, catch my drift?)

Andddd on to the swatches! These are all swatched in natural lighting and with no primer underneath, and holy balls they are so buttery and pigmented.

Top row: L-R in palette are swatched on my arm from top to bottom

Ice queen - frosty shimmery white
Mirage - warm buttercream
Shimma Shimma - metallic champagne
Beaches and Cream - creamy natural beige
Creme Brulee - medium sand
Bake Sale - nougat brown
Starry Eyed - pinky beige champagne (foiled)

Second row

Chickadee - tangerine orange with yellow undertones
Early Bird - pumpkin orange
Sin City - shimmery medium golden apricot
In The Spotlight - soft pink with coral undertones (foiled)
Sidekick - cinnamon brown
Grandstand - medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones (foiled)
Roulette - rosy burnt sienna

Third row

Frappe - medium maple brown
Latte - medium brown
Wild West - rich rose brown
Taupe Notch - taupe
Cocoa Bear - reddish brown
Cabin Fever - chestnut brown
Legend - warm bronze (foiled)

Fourth row - 

Cinderella - pale shimmery pink
Petal Pusher - medium rose brown
Tuscan Sun - medium salmon pink
Cupcake - medium pink
Mango Tango - peachy pink with flecks of gold
Bitten - earthy maroon
Showtime - rusty brown with warm undertones (foiled)

Bottom row - 

Twilight - pale shimmery muted purple
Unexpected - pale pink brown
Vintage - medium brown with mauve undertones
Sensuous - shimmery purple with flecks of silver
Drama Queen - densely dark purple
Burlesque - metallic muted burgundy
Americano - dark brown with subtle purple undertones

Some of my favourite shades from this palette are Shimma Shimma, I can not even express how freakin amazing this looks as a highlight shade, not only on the inner corner, but for the browbone and also the cheekbones as well, it is literally bomb. 
Also there's Starry Eyed which is another highlight shade that looks stunning all over the lid with some neutral shades in the crease; gives a lil summin summin to a look you have to put almost 0 effort, and I'm all about that. 
Early Bird is basically one of those classic baby puke colours that somehow looks good when you put it through your crease. And you know exactly what I mean
Sidekick looks so good to deepen the crease with any shade, but I love it with Grandstand all over the lid (can you see the general shimmery theme here? Don't hate me).
Although Mango Tango is definitely a shade I didn't think I'd reach for a lot, it looks so pretty with a warm look using pinks, I've gotta say it's a good'un
Sensuous and Burlesque are two pretty shades that look really good with deeper purple looks - laaav it.

Ahh this was such a satisfying post to write I can't even *heart eyes emoji*, although Jesus Christ trying to pick these out of the magnetic palette to check the names with acrylic nails on hurt my soul, felt like I was digging half the eyeshadow pan out with my nails (I'm sorry eyeshadows, okay?)

xo, Sophie


  1. You've got such gorgeous shades in this palette! I love a warm tone and haven't tried anything from makeup geek yet so I definitely need to change that now xx

    1. They're such amazing eyeshadows I definitely recommend them, and it's annoying how easy it is to just fill up a z-palette haha! Xx