Summer Holiday Picks: Lipsticks

I remember writing one of these posts before I went to Mallorca back in 2014 (???) but I've since deleted it because I ain't about them old blog posts anymore. New year new me and all that. (Even though it's the end of May). 

I'm purposely writing this a few days before I actually post it thanks to the power of scheduling, since when I post this I'll probably be having a solid nap ready to get up nice and early to fly to Spain on Wednesday morning, hallelujaaaaah get me on holiday

I thought it'd be nice to share the lipsticks I'm going to be taking with me, as I've narrowed it down to 5 so I don't take my whole collection, only use a couple of them and then cry when I realise they've all melted in the 30 degree heat. I ain't ready for that kind of loss.

My Custom Z-Palette & Swatches - WARM TONES

What better way to kick off my blog again than with one of my absolute favourite posts to read eh?

This is going to be a post showing you the custom Z-palette that I made after placing a rather disgustingly large order on Beauty Bay for these shadows, I mean, they're less than £5 each (sorry bank account pls still love me). 

Makeup Geek have fast become some of my favourite eyeshadows that I own, so naturally I ordered a shit ton more to fill a nice big palette up with. The logic is there in my head I promise...