Currently | no. 4

Back with another post in this series that I just keep seeming to forget about...

If you haven't read the first 3 instalments of this series (I make that sound so posh when it's really a HEY GO SEE WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS) you can read them here, here and here. Go laugh at how bad my photography was still is.

ANYway it's time for me to do a good old recap of shit that I've been doing recently.

Graceful way to put it. But you're already here, so why stop reading now?

What To Bring To Uni Halls (Things You Might Forget)

So it's coming around to that time of the year that you may either be starting uni (I'M BUZZING FOR YA) or you may be going in to your second (like me) or third year.

Whether you're living in halls or even a house this may help you finish off your packing list that you've been stuck on for 3 weeks because mum I definitely need that cactus for my room and they won't have a rug as cute as this in my room.

I'm actually staying in halls again for my second year, so I thought it might be handy for me to share some tips of things I realised I was missing when I moved in, like duh, washing tablets so that you don't make the same mistakes I did.

So you thing you're finished with your packing, you've got your brand spanking new pots, pans, plates, those ombre mugs you saw in Asda, duvet and sexy new duvet cover set, etc etc, but... what are you forgetting???
I've compiled a list (over the last like, 2 weeks) of things that you might just forget to bring with you... you're welcome

I Spent Way Too Much On Colourpop

Back at it again with the spending Soph.

But seriously, I somehow spent so long adding more and more liquid lipsticks to my basket on the Colourpop website that I ended up spending £100.

I'm done with myself. But it was worth it.

Colourpop have some of my favourite liquid lipsticks; their mattes and their satins are to die for. Seriously.

9 Easy Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

Being an adult can be hard (I say this like I'm 35, not 20).

But seriously, whether you're stressing about Uni or college work, are up binge watching That Show On Netflix, are so busy with a full time job or are rushing around with a baby, there's a number of things that can take their toll. 

One of which being getting little to no sleep. 

You know the drill, you stay up all night, worry about not getting enough sleep ready for the next day but because you're WORRYING so much you end up... not getting enough sleep

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

It's very unlikely that you've not already heard of the Jaclyn Hill palette - I mean it's been out for 2 months and has already had 3 restocks so that everybody who could possibly want it is getting it (well done Jaclyn and Linda, you make us makeup lovers happy)

Alas I'm still going to share what the palette looks like, how it swatches and my thoughts on it...

How To Be Strong When Your Whole World Is Falling Apart

Losing someone is hard. Really hard.

It's like your whole world has stopped, but everybody around you is living their lives like nothing happened, or you've been kicked in the stomach and you're gasping for air, desperate to find out it was all just a horrible nightmare.

You might want to kick and scream and beg for it to not be real, or you might just find yourself standing in a spot, staring at the wall while another wave of despair hits you, like I have been doing over the past 2 weeks.

The Best Spa Experience Ever

I'm allowing myself to say this is the best spa treatment I've ever had because it's actually the only treatment I've ever had (loophole) but oh boy I think this is gonna take some miracle with fireworks and fairies to beat. 

The day before my birthday my boyfriend booked me in for 'The Comforter?' treatment in my local Lush store - I actually mentioned a little about this in my 'what I got for my birthday post' if you saw that, but I was certainly in for a treat. 

Primark Insta-Worthy Homeware Haul

Homeware is the rageee at the moment, everyone's obsessed with instagram-worthy set ups, so obviously I jumped on the little bandwagon - as one does - and ran along to Primark to see what all the fuss was about. 

Let me just say, Primark are killing it with their home department recently, and with the oh-so-popular copper craze and "i'll take everything in marble print" obsession flying about, it was pretty easy to find some things that I liked.

What I Got For My 20th Birthday

I had such an amazing birthday weekend surrounded by my family, friends and boyfriend (who spoilt me rotten - what a guy x) and since I love reading these kinds of posts, I wanted to share what I got for my birthday.

Hold up now, before anybody gets their knickers all in a twist, I am not bragging about any of this, I'm super grateful to my family and friends who bought me presents because they're fab.

Luv you all.

ANYway, here's what I got.


Why 2017 Hasn't Been My Year

Oooooh boy. 

I've put off writing this for the longest time because it's probably the hardest post I've ever had to write. 

We're really digging deep into the personal life of Sophie now, straying away from the typical happy-as-Larry girl who rambles about food and gets excited about new makeup. This is the realio dealio. 

I don't know how else to write this other than to just jump straight in. 

2017 has not been my year. Not by any means. I mean, January up until March was pretty good, yanno, the usual "I'm gonna get fit" "New year new me" mantra. We've all been there.

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award.

I am so so excited to have been nominated for this - thank you to the laaavely Liv over at LivWrites for the nomination, I can't blooooomin wait.

So the rules are as follows: 

  • Answer the questions you were asked
  • Tag 11 bloggers 
  • Create 11 questions for them to answer

Morphe 25A Copper Spice Palette

I feel like everyone and their mother knows about this palette.

This is the Morphe 25A Copper Spice palette, the lil sister palette to the 25B Bronzed Mocha palette (but that's a story for another post). I bought this directly from the Morphe website at the same time as buying none other than the queen Jaclyn Hill's palette.

I knew I wanted it for a super long time and since I'm already pretty in love with Morphe products - both their brushes and their palettes, I knew it wouldn't be long before I caved and got this one. 

Alas, it wasn't. So here we are. I have no will power okay?

Colour Clash 2017

I have literally had the best weekend that I've had in a long time.

You know one of those weekends that you can't stop smiling about and want to repeat again and again? It was one of those.

I got to spend the whole of last weekend with my friends and we went out on Friday for our friends 19th birthday, and then to a music festival for the whole of Saturday called Colour Clash in Newport.

For those of you who don't know what Colour Clash is, it's basically a festival with lots of acts playing and there's a fair ground kinda thing with some rides and stalls... OH, and everyone gets covered in powder paint.

Caramac Cupcakes


I'm so excited to be doing something a little different on my blog today, because realistically, who doesn't like cupcakes? And it's good to switch things up, yanno???

I love baking, probably as much as I actually like eating what I've just made. I like food okay. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MYSELF. Love me <333

So since I've actually found some time where I can actually bake, I thought it would be a perfect to show you how to make these bad boys. 

My New Favourite Makeup Brushes?

If you're anything like me, you're super happy to find makeup brushes that are good quality, are actually easy to use and don't break the bank. Student life.

I recently bought the Rose Gold set from IndyLuxe, a brush brand that sells vegan and cruelty free makeup brushes. 

Can we just take one moment to appreciate how freakin' pretty these are? I mean. Come on. These are giving me life

I showed these on my Instagram last week - make sure to follow me ya lil angels <333 And I also mentioned them in one of my recent posts, make sure to go check it out if you haven't already. Thnx.

My Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Is it just me that finds keeping up a skincare routine... pretty boring?

I've gotten so much better recently and I actually don't mind it all anymore - I WILL MAKE THIS A HABIT.

Today I'm going to share with my current skincare routine using Lush products. Anywhere you go skincare products seem to be a bit of a damn investment, but I think Lush sits snugly in the middle of being too cheap that you know it won't do anything and super expensive that you feel like surely you must be putting liquid gold on your face or something because damn girl.

Currently | no. 3

Ahhh it's been a while since I've done one of these posts, nostalgia <333 
Well it's been nearly a year, so that's long enough for nostalgia right? I'm being a lil dramatic I know.

But anyway, I really enjoyed doing a couple of these posts before so I thought why not continue the series? Huh? Huh?

Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Collection

I've never ordered anything from Kylie Cosmetics before, mainly because customs is a bit of a pain in the ass, but after seeing swatches of the collection I was super excited by some of the products.

Fast forward to 11pm on the release date and I'm sat like a crazy person refreshing the page ready to snap up whatever I can get my hands on... or whatever I can add to my basket quicker than I can blink twice.

I did manage to get the Matte Liquid Lipstick set and one of the Loose Powder Highlighters - I also was obsessed with the look of the Wet Set highlighter palette because sweet jesus those swatches were everything, but it sold out in about 0.8372 seconds. Well, not literally, but it sold out by the time I was ready to check out, and I think I checked out within about 3 minutes. Sigh.

Goals For The Rest Of 2017

Starting this goals post off at the end of June is obviously my style so this is going to be my goals for the rest of 2017. Saved that one didn't I?

Oh, and making lists makes me feel organised and happy. LISTS GALORE. So making this into a list on my phone ready to write a post about was pretty damn satisfying.
Feel like I've almost got my life in order.

Giving myself goals makes me feel a lot more productive and I can tick off things that I've actually managed to do so I don't feel like a slob who sits around eating ice cream and watching Netflix all day. Even though I do that too. Oh well.

Full Face One Brand - Jordana (Affordable)

I'm so excited for this post since I've never done anything like this before (eeeek). This is going to be a full face of makeup using only one brand, oh, and it gets better, because they are one of the most affordable brands I have tried... I'm talking about Jordana, the sister company to Milani who so many know and love, but I've seriously heard no hype about Jordana.

Jordana is an American brand, based in California, and they've been around for over 25 years (!!), but now are stocked with Beauty Bay so I really wanted to get my hands on some goodies. I mean everything is priced between £4 and £7. I'm serious. Go and open Beauty Bay in another tab right now boo and get adding to that basket.

Side note: I got my acrylic nails taken off the other day and though I miss them, holy crap is typing on a computer so so so much easier - first world problems

Ps. This post is not sponsored, all views are my own.

8 Things I Hate About Summer

This is straight up going to be controversial. I know it. But I had to share this with you today while  everyone else is swanning around in the perfect weather.

Let's 'av it. 

I'm gonna jump straight into things. I'm literally sat here writing this sweating my ass off as it's 27 degrees outside. I'M IN WALES THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.

A Much Needed Break In Spain

I think I'd be kidding myself if I said everyone didn't need a bit of time away sometimes, whether it be a holiday, a bit of time off your blog or just a few days to yourself.
Everyone needs a breather

I've not long got back from Spain with my boyfriend and jeez did I need that. Time away from home, not having to think or worry or stress (even if it was only for a week).

Day 1
After leaving the house at 4am to get to the airport, we arrived at the hotel at midday - let me tell you, passport control is crazy nowadays. We went down to chill by the pool near enough straight away, this chick was nearly running
And ahhh how I love all inclusive. Time to stuff my face with as much food as I could possibly eat and then wash it down with a cocktail... or 5. Tip: if you've got the money to spend a little extra on all inclusive, definitely do it, food ain't exactly cheap so why on earth wouldn't you want it for free? 

What's In My Holiday Makeup Bag

Back at it again with the pre-scheduled posts

Ahhh while this post is up I'll be sat on a sunny beach sipping cocktails and... wearing all of these products. I don't know about you but I cannot stand the feeling of heavy makeup when it's so hot my whole body feels like it's melting; I do not need my face melting as well.

(Side note - just as I'm writing this the post man has come with a parcel for me, praise the lord for overdrafts boo. If you ever wanna be convinced to spend money that you don't really have, swing my way)

Summer Holiday Picks: Lipsticks

I remember writing one of these posts before I went to Mallorca back in 2014 (???) but I've since deleted it because I ain't about them old blog posts anymore. New year new me and all that. (Even though it's the end of May). 

I'm purposely writing this a few days before I actually post it thanks to the power of scheduling, since when I post this I'll probably be having a solid nap ready to get up nice and early to fly to Spain on Wednesday morning, hallelujaaaaah get me on holiday

I thought it'd be nice to share the lipsticks I'm going to be taking with me, as I've narrowed it down to 5 so I don't take my whole collection, only use a couple of them and then cry when I realise they've all melted in the 30 degree heat. I ain't ready for that kind of loss.

My Custom Z-Palette & Swatches - WARM TONES

What better way to kick off my blog again than with one of my absolute favourite posts to read eh?

This is going to be a post showing you the custom Z-palette that I made after placing a rather disgustingly large order on Beauty Bay for these shadows, I mean, they're less than £5 each (sorry bank account pls still love me). 

Makeup Geek have fast become some of my favourite eyeshadows that I own, so naturally I ordered a shit ton more to fill a nice big palette up with. The logic is there in my head I promise...