Currently | no. 2

It's that time again, and I am so ready to share another 'currently' with you guys.

I thought I'd start off with another 'reading', just because... I was struggling to keep reading the Game Of Thrones set; they're not exactly easy reads and sometimes it's nice to take a break from a bigger book and read a or a few shorter, slightly cringier teen fiction books. Love me a teen fiction book. 

I've just finished 'Everything, Everything' by Nicola Yoon, which is such a lovely story about a girl who has SCID from a young age so isn't able to leave her house for 17 years, and then a boy who moves in next door and she they start talking and meet and fall in love and <333333 pls read it I beg you, my lil heart throbs for the main characters, I finished it so quickly. I've now just started reading 'Beautiful Broken Things' by Sara Barnard and I can't wait to properly get into it; it's about best friends and heartbreak and being a teenager and all that good stuff. 

Doing / Looking Forward To:
I START UNI IN JUST OVER A WEEK can we just take a minute to appreciate my excitement - the picture is of just some of my stationary lol, I got a matching notebook, folder and polypocket folder, because nothing's more satisfying than matching stationary. I also got a personalised planner that I cannot wait to fill in. Am I sad? Definitely not. The lead up to my induction week of Uni is super exciting, I've got my freshers wristbands, and I've been getting tickets for things like Bristol Zoo and Laser Quest and Bowling. Winner winner. 

I bought a few outfits from BooHoo recently so that I have more 'going-out' outfits - I got a mixture of bodysuits, tops, co-ord sets and dresses, so that's me good to go with mixing and matching outfits. Once again, winner. Also, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit with outfits, so I'm super excited to wear it all. Time to slay freshers xo
I bought my mum's birthday present yesterday; I got her a pair of red Converse since she's a gardener, so she lives in either flip-flops, crocs or her 1 pair of boots. Not cute mum, soz. So it's probably more for mine and my brothers' benefits that she has shoes to go out in. 
I also treated myself to another bath bomb from Lush on the way back from Office, and a Brightside bubblebar, since the only one I've tried is the Comforter (which I've probs been through like 5 of since Christmas). I also have been obsessed with 'The Experimenter' giftset that my twin got me for my birthday this year. Thank you Andrew ya lil angel. 

Waiting For:
Uni of course. 
Tonight. It's my dad's girlfriend's 50th birthday today, and she's having a big party this evening with a buffet and music and drinks and whatnot, so its a super excuse for me, my friend (who's my +1 hehe) and my brother's girlfriend, to all get dolled up and wear pretty dresses, 'cause who doesn't wish they could do that every day, right? 
Oh, and Autumn, but I wrote a whole post about that. 

What are you currently doing or looking forward to?

xo, Sophie

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