16 Things To Look Forward To In Autumn

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Hallelujah it is September. I am so done with summer and heat and everyone going on holidays and getting tanned and enjoying themselves (can you tell I didn't go on holiday this year? Bitter? Nope.) and whatever else. I am ready for darker nights and chilly air and the prep for Christmas (!!!!!), so I thought I'd share with you some things I love/am looking forward to this Autumn.

1. End of the swamp season. I'm not great in extreme heat or extreme cold lol I'm such a baby, so I'm super ready for blankets galore and no more having to put a fan on full blast next to your bed so you wake up with a mouth so dry you feel like you've been living in the desert for 7 years. Or running to work in the heat already dripping in sweat. Yum.

2. Starting Uni! It is 2 and a half weeks now until I start my first year of University and eeeeeek I am so excited! It's going to be super strange after not being in school for over a year, but I can't wait to get started, with my besties by my side. Yes I've already met people I'm going to Uni with and I love them all so much lol cringe xo. But seriously, I've been looking forward to University for so long and now it's just around the corner, it'll definitely be my fresh start! Summer hasn't been the best to me.

3. Crunchy leaves. Yes, a super stereotypical one but I am a sap when it comes to running through piles of leaves and them all crunching under your feet. Oh my lord it does things to me.

4. Jumpers. I completely plan on living in jumpers from now until probably February. Not even sorry. It's so comforting being able to chuck on a big comfy jumper - aka how to make yourself that lil bit happier on a cold morning.

5. Autumn makeup looks. Sweet baby Jesus MY BODY IS READY. AS IS MY FACE. Get on me boo. Out comes the smoky eyes and oranges and purples and vampy lips and blinding highlight. My Morphe 35OM and 35P palettes are itching to be used. Daily. The makeup inspo for this season is everrrrrywhere.

6. Clocks going back. Which means an extra hour in bed. Praise the lord for more sleep. (Especially when I'm not getting to sleep until early hours of the morning - every little helps)

7. Jeans. Now I'm not gonna lie, I wore skinny jeans throughout the entirety of summer anyway, because personally I just don't like wearing shorts or skirts, but at least I will be somewhat comfier and less guilt-bearing through colder months - yanno, less chafing legs and bum sweats and whatnot. Not the cutest.

8. It's okay to be pale. I've never fake tanned in my life purely because I'm kind scared of looking like I've been punched with orange dye, and I also don't really tan easily naturally (unlike my whole family. *cries*) so I am soooo happy to embrace the paleness. YAS.

9. Candles. And more specifically - marshmallow candles. My Fireside Treats is currently lit as I write this post and I fear for how long it's going to last as I am more than a little bit obsessed with the scent. I will probs get withdrawals if I run out, so I'm already considering buying a backup. No regrets.

10. Reading. I'm a lil bit of a bookworm, and can honestly completely zone out and read a whole book in a day. So since the weather is probably going to get worse from here onwards (I mean come on, I live in Wales. Every season is a rainy season), I am more than happy to have an excuse to sit in the house wrapped up in a jumper and a blanket with a candle or two burning, reading a book (huh, do you see a theme emerging here?)

11. Halloween. I mean everyone always skips straight to Christmas after summer's over, and people seem to forget that Halloween is coming up!!! I can't wait to get dressed up, carve pumpkins, do funky makeup and get drunk. Not necessarily in that order.

12. Scarfs. I love me a good scarf - the ones in Primark at the moment are some of my faves - so being able to dig them out from the bottom of my wardrobe is giving me much happiness. It's so easy to warm up an outfit a bit by wrapping a nice scarf round you.

13. New films coming out. I rarely even go to the cinema but oh my god there are loads of good films coming out in the next month or so! Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, Bridget Jones' Baby, The Girl On The Train (I am so excited for this one, the book was fab), Sausage Party (which I'm not even sorry about wanting to see. I mean it's talking, swearing food. How do they come up with this?), Blair Witch (which I'm probably not even going to see because I'm a wuss but still), and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. (!!!)

14. Food. All the food. And not feeling super bad about going to the gym because lets be honest, it's too late for that summer bod' now anyway so why not just wait until next year? Plus, you've got all the baggy jumpers you're going to be hauling on to cover up the extra belly fat. No guilt allowed babes'.

15. Baking cakes. I could be quite happy baking cakes all year round, but there's something nice and comforting about baking while the weather's pretty rubbish outside, plus who doesn't love cakes and cookies and brownies and alllll the sweet yummy carby goodness. I'm making brownies with my best friend tonight so obviously I'm jumping in early.

16. Last but not least, it's basically Christmas??!1?!?11? Because let's be honest, once September's out the way, before you know it it's Halloween and then oh my god Halloween's been and gone and it's bonfire night and yay fireworks and sparklers and bam it's December and everyone's panicking because last minute Christmas shopping and buying all the food and then YAY CHRISTMAS.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

xo, Sophie

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