A Lovely Little Colourpop Delivery - With Reviews And Swatches

So last Sunday, 31st July, just so happened to be my birthday (which was amazing mates), and since there is no post on Sunday's *picture the Mr Dursley meme from Harry Potter - if you know you know*, I was somewhat excited when a very tired and rather hungover me woke up to go downstairs and see a gleaming lil parcel sitting in my porch with my name on it.

I ordered a bunch of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks probably almost a month ago now, and have been sat waiting patiently for them to arrive. You can buy them here if you guys, like me, are somewhat partial to new lipsticks (oops), plus, they're only $6 (squeals) which works out as £4.56. I did decide to order them directly from their website rather than through a different company who make have stocked a few of them here and there, but you do you.

Now onto the exciting bit before I implode thinking about how sexy these colours are, sorry not sorry.

Okay so these are the 6 colours I got, and can we just take a moment to appreciate how friction' angelic they are (and how cute the note from Colourpop is??!!?!?). From left to right they are: Midi, Solow, Ouiji, Scrooge, Creeper and Limbo

Here are some swatches, this picture was taken as soon as I'd swatched them on my arm so they're still quite wet. 

This was taken about a minute or so later, and you can see all the colours have dried down to completely matte. *My heart is beating so fast*

Top to bottom:

Midi: soft neutral beige
Solow: neutral nude pink
Ouiji: bright coral red
Scrooge: rich rosy pink
Creeper: classic blue red
Limbo: deep chocolate brown

I love all of these colours; I've only actually worn Midi, Solow and Scrooge so far, but oh my lord they are fantastic. The colours were all super pigmented, and consistent throughout the dark colours as well - the swatches on my arm were all done with 1 swipe (I know).
Side note: I'm pretty sure that these liquid lipsticks are made in the same company that make the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, and as much as I want alllll of them with her name on it (come on, she's my age and she has her own makeup line *sigh*), I am not about to spend $29 on each kit with shipping on top of that if I can get round it. I've seen a fair few reviews saying that the formula is the exact same, the colours are basically dupes and some people love the Colourpop ones more. So definitely check out reviews and dupe videos/blog posts if you want to!
Back to the point, these liquid lipsticks didn't seem to go patchy at all, but the only thing I found was that I had to wait for a minute until my lips were completely dry when wearing them before patting my lips together because the darker colours would fade a little in the centre of my bottom lip, but that's no biggie, I find it happens with most liquid lipsticks I've tried.
As for consistency, they feel a little less liquidy than the Limecrime Velvetines, and I needed 2 dips into the tube to apply to my lips and perfect the shape/colour all over. They are suuuuper lightweight, and don't feel tacky at all - which is a massive bonus because for anyone who knows me, I uh, talk a lot... So ain't nobody got time for sticky lips. After wearing Midi all day on Wednesday and only touching up once (after eating the best nachos I have ever tasted, and paella) the colour was still pretty much perfect - it hadn't faded or cracked off like some do, but later in the day I did notice there was the tiniest bit of the colour bleeding/feathering, so I definitely think next time I'll try them with a lipliner underneath.
I also love the packaging, it's sleek, sturdy, doesn't feel plasticky and shows the colour through the tube, which I appreciate, especially when I'm running late for my bus and realise I haven't applied lipstick yet but AH, I'll wear that one and hope the bus isn't too bumpy to apply it on there using my phone screen as a mirror!!!!? *snatches up lipstick and legs it out of door*. Lol.

Now I feel like shipping costs/methods is an important bit of this post, because I'm pretty sure Colourpop has only recently started shipping to the UK, but jeez shipping is not exactly cheap. </3
I used a company called Shipito after reading another girl's Colourpop post and seeing that that was how she had done it (we are now on the same wavelength, she is my saviour). Basically, Shipito is an American website that allows you to have packages delivered to them, and then forwarded to you all over the world. This worked out so much better for me, as Colourpop ship for free in the US, so all I had to do then was pay the forwarding fee for it to be delivered to me. I chose the cheapest shipping method which was $11 including a $2 fee, and it said it was estimated to take between 20 and 30 working days. Once it had been confirmed that they had received my parcel (its super easy to track your package with them), it took just under 3 weeks for it to arrive at my house, which I don't think is that bad at all! And seriously, who doesn't love a sneaky lil bargain? *raises hand*. Oh, and I didn't have to pay customs either (I don't know if I was just lucky, but I did a lil happy dance).
All in all, my basket came to $36 on the Colourpop website, but I signed up to their newsletter and received a $5 off discount code, bringing it down to $31 (making the lipsticks just over $5 each) and then with the $11 shipping from Shipito, my total was $42, working out at £31.95, for 6 liquid lipsticks AND delivery!
I know I've made this out to sound super confusing but it really wasn't! So that's just another option if you're thinking of buying from American brands, I wish I'd known about it beforehand...

Do you have any of the Colourpop liquid lipsticks? What did you think of my haul?

xo, Sophie

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