3 Yankee Candles You Need In Your Life

If you're anything like me, you'll know that there's not much that beats a cosy night in watching a film with a couple of (or several) candles burning, or having a lovely hot bubble bath, accompanied by a glass of wine (classy) and some candles, or yanno, casually going about your lazy day of doing absolutely nothing but mooch around eating chocolate in your pyjamas with 0 makeup on, with some candles dotted round your house. Because who doesn't need a bit of 'me' time every now and again. Love yo' self.

Seriously though, I find candles so relaxing and it's so nice walking into a room filled with yummy scents. I am a bit of a sweet freak, so I definitely prefer fruity/food smells rather than fresh or masculine scents with funny names. Because come on, what does A Child's Wish even smell like... (???)

I thought I'd take a lil minute here to share with you my 3 favourite Yankee candles, and maybe tempt you into growing a small (and then overly large and out of hand) collection which will 100% lead to addiction. Soz. 

I'm gonna start off with Fireside Treats because it's my baby and I'm now onto my second medium jar of it. It literally smells like marshmallows. No joke, I don't think I've ever smelt anything as nice... It reminds me of autumn and cosy nights and smores (why can't they be more of a thing in the UK dammit) and basically everything a girl wants. My first jar lasted me absolutely ages but I feel like I need to ration this jar as it basically only comes out in Autumn/Winter, unless I want to order from their website. Who am I kidding though, I light this candle as much as I possibly can; I'd wear it as a perfume if I could. DEFINITELY GOING TO CONTACT YANKEE LIKE "PLS BRING OUT PERFUMES OF UR CANDLES THNX". Business idea sorted.

Next up is Strawberry Buttercream and ohhhh my lord yet again I am in love. I originally just tried this one in the little votive, and liked it so much I knew I needed a big jar (ps I definitely recommend trying the votives first and seeing how you like the scent!) - this one was courtesy of my brother as a birthday present (after me going on about it probably every other day for like 2 months) so yeah, thanks Rob m8. You listen sometimes. This one smells so good - another very sweet one - but it's not too fruity because it's balanced out with a buttercream icing smell - it seriously makes me think of baking, and lighting this one along with Fireside Treats makes the whole room smell like a cake factory. And duh, who doesn't want that? 

Last up is Summer Peach, and the only one I don't yet have in a jar because I can't bloody find it anymore now that summer is just about over and all the wintery scents are being brought back. More than a little heart broken. Fear not though, because I will find it, and in the meantime I think I'm on about my 4th votive of it, it smells delicious. A little less sickly sweet than the others because it's a much more fresh fruity scent, but absolutely amazing all the same. I see an ongoing theme here - why is it that all of my candles make me think about food?

I must say that if you don't like sweet scents then definitely steer clear of these, but I am all about that life, so I love them. What are your favourite candles? What kind of scents do you like? 

xo, Sophie

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