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Jeeeez so much for getting back on the blogging train Soph... Train has left without me; goodbye.

No seriously though, I'm trying to find more time to blog but I don't want to just post half-hearted pieces that will bore you all to death. Sigh.

So I thought of starting a little series of things that I'm 'currently' doing/eating/watching/reading/loving etc. You get the gist. How often I'll post in this series? I couldn't yet tell you, but lord I am hoping to make them exciting. 

So starting off, 

I bought the whole set of the Game of Thrones books in theWorks recently (for £30, you need to get on that shiz right n o w), and I've just started the second book. If you don't already know what Game of Thrones is, 1. have you been living under a rock? but no seriously, 2. it's about kingdoms colliding and prophecies and murder and treason and dragons and magic and war and all that good stuff. Leading on from this, I'm also starting to watch season 4 of the TV show of Game of Thrones, which I have to say is so addicting it's probably bad for me. However, Sky has recently taken the series off box-sets, and since I am not yet caught up to season 6... it's a little heartbreaking... but I'll find a way to stream it on my computer and get up to speed. I 100% recommend that you put whatever you have in your hand down and run to your computer/nearest book store and start watching/reading it as quickly as humanly possible. Side note: I did actually start reading the first book a while ago and could not get into it (there is a hell of a lot of long names, confusing words and overlapping of stories etc.), so I definitely found that watching the series helped me understand and picture what was happening while I then read it. 

As I'm writing this I'm actually sat getting ready to go out and meet my friend in this... lovely weather. British summertime... where you at? Seriously though, I'm super excited because recently I've been meeting up with a few of the girls that I'm going to be going to University with in September. WooOOOP. We do actually have a group chat (it's the real deal ok) on Facebook, so it's been so nice to get to know them all; it'll be a massive weight off my shoulders when I start in September and have already made friends (especially since I'm not living in halls *broken heart emoji*), but it'll be super fun to confuse the lecturers when we rock up as a group of like 25, all already having spoken to each other. Holla at us. 

I know this isn't technically 'currently' as in right now, but I'm gonna talk about food from last night. Oops - already cheating. All of yesterday I could think about nothing but TGI Friday's Jack Daniel ribs, (my mouth is starting to water again help me), and since it was already arranged that I was going to go for a meal with two of the girls I work with after we'd finished our shift last night, we decided that TGI's was a good call (who am I kidding, it's always a good call). It was so nice to be able to chill out together after work, have a cocktail, and of course, me get my ribs... So that definitely cheered me up. 

If you read my last post, all about my Limecrime Velvetines, you'll probably be able to guess that I have not been able to stop wearing liquid lipsticks. There is something about the longevity, colour selection that I have, and how matte and bloody perfect they look that I just cannot get enough of. Liquid lipsticks are so in right now, just about every makeup brand out there has some sort of take on them, so it's definitely not like they're hard to get hold of. So if you're searching for the perfect matte colour that will not budge all day, grab yourself a (or like 12) liquid lipsticks. My personal favourites are the Limecrime Velvetines, which you can get here. PS this part of the post isn't sponsored (I wish it was, can you imagine). 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you've been currently doing, or tell me if there's a post you'd love to see. Thank you for reading, 

xo, Sophie

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