8 Things I've Learned Since Working At Costa

In case you didn't already know, I've actually been a Barista at Costa for just over a year now. Happy Anniversary Costa boo... And I must say, I've certainly learned a few life lessons and whatnot, so I thought I'd give you all yanno, a lil insight.

Apologies for the google picture lol, apparently I don't have my own picture of something from Costa on my phone, jeez Soph well done

1. Patience really is a virtue
Don't get me wrong, I can be the most impatient person ever like ohmygodwhereareyouyousaidyoudbehere5minutesagoimwaitingilooklikealonelycreepwhereaREYOU but I have learned that patience really is important. Sometimes I'll have a queue out the door in work and I'm trying to help the couple that have been deciding if they want a caramel latte or a popcorn cappuccino for the last 6 minutes, but seriously, being patient with people will pay off, they'll appreciate you massively and you're not really getting the job done that much better/quicker anyway. 

2. Kindness costs nothing
Leading on from this, if it's the other way round and I'm rushing round like a completely crazy person who's waaaay over their limit on caffeine for that entire week (ironic, right?) and trying to take 6 orders at once while making another 3 drinks, blending a cooler and cleaning up a milk explosion all at the same time, that one angel customer who says those magic words - "don't worry, take your time" can make all the difference. 

3. Clearing up after yourself is a massive help
Since working in a coffee shop, I definitely appreciate how helpful doing things like stacking saucers and putting all your glasses/mugs back on a tray can be; it makes my job a million times quicker and it only takes a moment, especially when we're busy and theres almost no tables clear. Praise the lord for you guys. 

4. Early mornings aren't always bad
I know, hearing your alarm on full volume and getting up before like 10 o'clock is sometimes hell, especially if you've had no sleep the night before, feel horrendously ill or accidentally on purpose stayed up watching that series on Netflix before realising oh great it's half 2 in the morning and unless I get my ass to sleep right now I'm not going to have more than 4 hours but seriously, I sometimes love working the earlier shift, as you get to see all your morning regulars, the mornings usually tend to go pretty quick, and also, I'll finish about 2 o'clock, so I have the rest of the day to spend doing whatever I like, and I can be pretty productive (sometimes).

5. No job is easy
I think some people seem to think jobs like mine are as easy as anything, I mean after all, "you only make coffee all day, right?" - wrong. There's a lot more to working in retail than what the customer sees, I mean the store, equipment and whatever else doesn't clean itself, nothing gets restocked unless we do it, and just because we close at 6 does not mean we get out at 6... So just take a minute to appreciate the work that goes into every job and how hard some people work just to keep customers and their colleagues happy. 

6. Not all coffee is good coffee
Until I started working in Costa, I didn't even drink coffee at home, but since working around it nearly every day and becoming immune to the supposedly strong smell of coffee, like seriously, I cannot smell it..., I have learned that there definitely is a difference between good coffee and bad coffee. It may sound biased, but I actually like the coffee beans we use in Costa, as opposed to some ground coffee or filter coffee that some people can drink by the bucket load in the mornings - which I can't stand. Obviously different people have different taste buds and enjoy different things, but I think before working with it, I assumed all coffee tasted the same. Mate, let me tell you, it doesn't. So find a brand of coffee that you like before writing it off all together.

7. A kind comment can really make someone's day
Again, this really works both days; it can be something as little as me complimenting a girl's makeup to see that it's really brightened her mood, or if someone tells me I look nice that day I will literally think about that for the rest of the day and have a stupid grin on my face for at least like 25 minutes. Even wishing someone a good day can put a smile on their face; it's not hard to say nice things I think people just think too much into it sometimes. 

8. Don't be in a job you don't enjoy 
I actually really enjoy my job - I love the people I work with, I feel comfortable in what I do, I actually enjoy talking to people and talking them to sleep so I really don't have anything bad to say about what I do. However, that really does not mean you have to be in a job you hate just because it's money in your pocket at the end of the month. Money can't buy happiness, seriously. Put yourself first sometimes and go for a job that you know you'll enjoy! What have you got to lose? *Inspirational*. 

Thanks for reading, 

xo, Sophie 

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