8 Things I've Learned Since Working At Costa

In case you didn't already know, I've actually been a Barista at Costa for just over a year now. Happy Anniversary Costa boo... And I must say, I've certainly learned a few life lessons and whatnot, so I thought I'd give you all yanno, a lil insight.

Apologies for the google picture lol, apparently I don't have my own picture of something from Costa on my phone, jeez Soph well done

1. Patience really is a virtue
Don't get me wrong, I can be the most impatient person ever like ohmygodwhereareyouyousaidyoudbehere5minutesagoimwaitingilooklikealonelycreepwhereaREYOU but I have learned that patience really is important. Sometimes I'll have a queue out the door in work and I'm trying to help the couple that have been deciding if they want a caramel latte or a popcorn cappuccino for the last 6 minutes, but seriously, being patient with people will pay off, they'll appreciate you massively and you're not really getting the job done that much better/quicker anyway. 

Currently | no. 1

Jeeeez so much for getting back on the blogging train Soph... Train has left without me; goodbye.

No seriously though, I'm trying to find more time to blog but I don't want to just post half-hearted pieces that will bore you all to death. Sigh.

So I thought of starting a little series of things that I'm 'currently' doing/eating/watching/reading/loving etc. You get the gist. How often I'll post in this series? I couldn't yet tell you, but lord I am hoping to make them exciting.