My Limecrime Velvetines Collection & Swatches

Well hello there, I thought a super exciting post that I could do that would kickstart my blog again was of course a lipstick post. I personally love reading these kind of posts with makeup collections and swatches that, as you could say, fuel my fire when it comes to buying more makeup that I probably definitely don't need. 

SOOO, onto this post, I'm going to share my Limecrime Velvetines collection with you today, with arm swatches so you can all see what the shades look like on my super pale skin. I do have 10 of these liquid lipsticks, which is probably super excessive to some, and nothing to others, but just so you know, I did purchase all of these with my own money. Let's move on. 

Swatches top to bottom: **Marshmallow, Cupid*, True Love*, Saint*, Riot, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Teddy Bear, Beet It, **Raven

*sold as part of the true love trio or individually
**sold in the two moods set

Marshmallow: cotton candy nude
Cupid: petal pink
True Love: vibrant pinky red
Saint: cranberry red
Riot: red-brown
Pumpkin: brick red
Red Velvet: true red
Teddy Bear: lilac brown
Beet It: deep berry pink
Raven: the darkest colour ever made without being black

These liquid lipsticks are literally my favourites that I have tried, I think the formula is amazing, they're easy to apply, aren't tacky once they're dried and last all freakin' day.

I literally rubbed my arm raw with a makeup wipe trying to remove these. True story.

I will say though, that some of the darker shades can go a little patchy if you rub your lips together before they've dried, so just be patient gurl, and make sure your lips are prepped beforehand.

My personal favourites are Cupid, Riot (I will die wearing this shade) and Teddy Bear, I literally think they will flatter any skin tone, and if you're unsure just go to the lime crime website or their instagram and they have tons of swatches on different skin tones.

Let me know if you want to see a full review of any of these liquid lipsticks, or any similar posts like this one with a lil peek into my makeup collection.

xo, Sophie

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