Currently | no. 2

It's that time again, and I am so ready to share another 'currently' with you guys.

I thought I'd start off with another 'reading', just because... I was struggling to keep reading the Game Of Thrones set; they're not exactly easy reads and sometimes it's nice to take a break from a bigger book and read a or a few shorter, slightly cringier teen fiction books. Love me a teen fiction book. 

16 Things To Look Forward To In Autumn

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Hallelujah it is September. I am so done with summer and heat and everyone going on holidays and getting tanned and enjoying themselves (can you tell I didn't go on holiday this year? Bitter? Nope.) and whatever else. I am ready for darker nights and chilly air and the prep for Christmas (!!!!!), so I thought I'd share with you some things I love/am looking forward to this Autumn.

Ride Or Die Beauty Products

I love a good beauty product favourites post, so today I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share with you my ride or die products, you know the ones, those products that you can literally grab last minute and rush out the door with, or pack with you if you know you'll need things you can rely on for travelling etc. You get my drift. These are the products that you could take to a desert island and be super happy about 'cause your makeup's still sexy, your highlight's still poppin' and life's not all that bad after all.

This tag was started by Jaclyn Hill (unofficially), and she is the beauty babe who inspired me to share my faves with you, so if you want to check our her YouTube where she shared all her ride or die's, the video is here. I love her. Thank me later.

3 Yankee Candles You Need In Your Life

If you're anything like me, you'll know that there's not much that beats a cosy night in watching a film with a couple of (or several) candles burning, or having a lovely hot bubble bath, accompanied by a glass of wine (classy) and some candles, or yanno, casually going about your lazy day of doing absolutely nothing but mooch around eating chocolate in your pyjamas with 0 makeup on, with some candles dotted round your house. Because who doesn't need a bit of 'me' time every now and again. Love yo' self.

A Lovely Little Colourpop Delivery - With Reviews And Swatches

So last Sunday, 31st July, just so happened to be my birthday (which was amazing mates), and since there is no post on Sunday's *picture the Mr Dursley meme from Harry Potter - if you know you know*, I was somewhat excited when a very tired and rather hungover me woke up to go downstairs and see a gleaming lil parcel sitting in my porch with my name on it.

I ordered a bunch of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks probably almost a month ago now, and have been sat waiting patiently for them to arrive. You can buy them here if you guys, like me, are somewhat partial to new lipsticks (oops), plus, they're only $6 (squeals) which works out as £4.56. I did decide to order them directly from their website rather than through a different company who make have stocked a few of them here and there, but you do you.

8 Things I've Learned Since Working At Costa

In case you didn't already know, I've actually been a Barista at Costa for just over a year now. Happy Anniversary Costa boo... And I must say, I've certainly learned a few life lessons and whatnot, so I thought I'd give you all yanno, a lil insight.

Apologies for the google picture lol, apparently I don't have my own picture of something from Costa on my phone, jeez Soph well done

1. Patience really is a virtue
Don't get me wrong, I can be the most impatient person ever like ohmygodwhereareyouyousaidyoudbehere5minutesagoimwaitingilooklikealonelycreepwhereaREYOU but I have learned that patience really is important. Sometimes I'll have a queue out the door in work and I'm trying to help the couple that have been deciding if they want a caramel latte or a popcorn cappuccino for the last 6 minutes, but seriously, being patient with people will pay off, they'll appreciate you massively and you're not really getting the job done that much better/quicker anyway. 

Currently | no. 1

Jeeeez so much for getting back on the blogging train Soph... Train has left without me; goodbye.

No seriously though, I'm trying to find more time to blog but I don't want to just post half-hearted pieces that will bore you all to death. Sigh.

So I thought of starting a little series of things that I'm 'currently' doing/eating/watching/reading/loving etc. You get the gist. How often I'll post in this series? I couldn't yet tell you, but lord I am hoping to make them exciting. 

My Limecrime Velvetines Collection & Swatches

Well hello there, I thought a super exciting post that I could do that would kickstart my blog again was of course a lipstick post. I personally love reading these kind of posts with makeup collections and swatches that, as you could say, fuel my fire when it comes to buying more makeup that I probably definitely don't need.