Christmas MAC and Real Techniques Haul!

I've been meaning to post this for a few days but I just haven't got round to it because I had so much to do :(  (*I then had to put this off even more because I began writing this post this morning just before work texted me asking me to come in*)

So first off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope all of you had a great night last night and you all had a great start to the year (if you're not all too tired - I know I am!)

With the money I got for Christmas I decided to go shopping, so along with some clothes and other things that I picked up, I decided to take a trip to MAC...

Here's everything I bought

I've been wanting a MAC Blush for absolutely ages and this shade is beautiful! I got the Powder Blush in Melba which is described by MAC as a soft coral peach. I adore it, and it looks so pretty when swept lightly over the cheeks to give a pretty natural colour :)

AHHHHHH I FINALLY GOT IT! I finally got the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle and I am so so so pleased! It is extreeeemely pigmented so you only need to smallest touch of it on your brush, and is a gilded peach bronze which gives the perfect highlight for your face - I'm already obsessed with this!

I've wanted to try some MAC eyeshadows since I first started buying things from MAC but I just didn't know where to start! This shade is Naked Lunch which is a Frost eyeshadow, and it is so so pretty, I love wearing it all over the lid as a base colour, I think I'd even wear it on its own as it is just so pretty. MAC says its a minimal pink with shimmer.

I honestly don't know where the close up picture of the eyeshadow in the pan went.. hmmm it's disappeared.
ANYway, the second eyeshadow I bought was Satin Taupe, another I've been wanting for a while. This is also a frost finish; it's nicely pigmented but not too dramatic and just gives a gorgeous shimmer. I love to use this in my crease to add some depth without making my eye makeup look overdone. MAC describes it as a taupe with silver shimmer and I couldn't put it better.

One of the lipsticks I bought was Viva Glam V, and it is beautiful! It is a Lustre but I think it looks rather frosty/shimmery. MAC describes it as a neutral pink with pearl. I've only worn this lipstick a couple of times but I really like it! It's subtle, but it's like a kind of nude with a twist, and the pearl is pretty, although I don't think it'd be to everyone's taste. Plus all the money from the Viva Glam lipsticks go to an AIDS foundation which is great!!

*there should be a picture of this lipstick here like shown above, what is my laptop doing?* :( 

Laptop problems aside, lets talk about MAC's Please Me lipstick. Oh my GOD I think I might have found a new favourite lipstick! I absolutely adore this lipstick, I mean wow. MAC says that this is a muted-rosy-tinted pink and I couldn't have put it better myself. It is a Matte finish, but unlike some of the other matte lipsticks out there, I don't find this to be too drying and it glides on beautifully. This on me is the perfect mid-rosy pink colour, and it is just so pretty; it's not light enough to wash you out but it's not dark/bright enough to be unsuitable for everyday wear. I adore this.

The last lipstick I picked up was Crosswires, and this has actually been my most recent purchase. It is a gorgeous clean, pinky orange and just looks so pretty on. It is a Cremesheen lipstick and has great pigmentation with a couple of swipes. I think that this is going to be a summer staple for me as it is a perfect coral pink to give your makeup look that fresh pop of colour. I'm looking forward to wearing this more soon.

Yes. I bought the all famous MAC 217 Blending Brush. This is a lovely soft and fluffy brush, slightly tapered which makes it perfect for fitting in and around your crease area to blende away any harsh lines and leave a perfect eye makeup result. I've been using this brush everyday since I've had it and I'm really enjoying using it, it doesn't malt, it's not stiff or awkward to use :)

Next I got the MAC 129 Short Handle Face and Blush Brush. I was quite annoyed, 'cause they didn't have the normal length brush in stock so I had to get a short handle one... which was exactly the same price :( ah well.
*Unpopular opinion alert* I don't really like this brush very much, as although it feels nice and it deposits product nicely, I've only used this brush once or twice and it malts on my face as I use it :( It is a nice brush though, I'm just not sure it was worth the £27 I payed for it (i know).

We're finished with the MAC products now, so onto the Real Techniques things I picked up. This is the Blush Brush, and I think it's a much more reasonable price than the MAC one as it is only £10.99. It is bigger than it's high end opponent, but I feel like it does the job just as well. The bristles aren't too dense and packed together so it gives a lovely natural sweep of product on my cheek when I use it. I've also used the brush with no product on it after I've applied my blush, bronzer and highlight to blend away any harsh or dark lines and it's great.

I also purchased the Core collection of brushes, which included 4 brushes in a compact case. 
The first brush is a Contour Brush, and Samantha Chapman says that this delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish. I love using this to contour my cheekbones with bronzer and I feel it works really well, with its tapered edge and semi-dense bristles. I love this brush and was glad to add it to my collection.

This is the Pointed Foundation Brush, and although it says you can use it with liquid foundation to build custom coverage I think it's too small to use for foundation and would take forever, however I love using this to blend in concealer under my eyes, and I think it helps give a really nice finish.

Also in the collection was this Detailer Brush. This is probably the brush I'll get the least use out of, as it is very small - I may use this with lipstick as it is "precision cut" but we'll see.

The last brush in the collection is the Buffing Brush, which I had heard a lottttt about from various bloggers and YouTuber's, so I was pleased that I got this in the collection (you can't purchase it separately). This is ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation. I think I've only used this maybe once or twice but I really like it! I've been using this with my liquid foundation (I normally use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush), and it is not as dense as the Expert Face Brush, but it is just so so soft I cant resist it - it blends in my foundation like a dream and gives a lovely finish. I may well use this everyday from now on!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post (I had a bit of a nightmare trying to write it/add pictures/actually have time to do it etc! but I'm glad it's done). I know it's quite photo heavy but I love reading these kind of posts so I hope you did too!

What was you favourite thing I bought? Have I got you wanting anything?

Once again, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and thank you for reading!

xo, Sophie


  1. That mac blush is divine! Definitely need to get my hands on that! Love the post sweetie :) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely!! Yeah it's so beautiful, definitely worth picking up!:) xxx