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Back with another post in this series that I just keep seeming to forget about...

If you haven't read the first 3 instalments of this series (I make that sound so posh when it's really a HEY GO SEE WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS) you can read them here, here and here. Go laugh at how bad my photography was still is.

ANYway it's time for me to do a good old recap of shit that I've been doing recently.

Graceful way to put it. But you're already here, so why stop reading now?

What To Bring To Uni Halls (Things You Might Forget)

So it's coming around to that time of the year that you may either be starting uni (I'M BUZZING FOR YA) or you may be going in to your second (like me) or third year.

Whether you're living in halls or even a house this may help you finish off your packing list that you've been stuck on for 3 weeks because mum I definitely need that cactus for my room and they won't have a rug as cute as this in my room.

I'm actually staying in halls again for my second year, so I thought it might be handy for me to share some tips of things I realised I was missing when I moved in, like duh, washing tablets so that you don't make the same mistakes I did.

So you thing you're finished with your packing, you've got your brand spanking new pots, pans, plates, those ombre mugs you saw in Asda, duvet and sexy new duvet cover set, etc etc, but... what are you forgetting???
I've compiled a list (over the last like, 2 weeks) of things that you might just forget to bring with you... you're welcome

I Spent Way Too Much On Colourpop

Back at it again with the spending Soph.

But seriously, I somehow spent so long adding more and more liquid lipsticks to my basket on the Colourpop website that I ended up spending £100.

I'm done with myself. But it was worth it.

Colourpop have some of my favourite liquid lipsticks; their mattes and their satins are to die for. Seriously.

9 Easy Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

Being an adult can be hard (I say this like I'm 35, not 20).

But seriously, whether you're stressing about Uni or college work, are up binge watching That Show On Netflix, are so busy with a full time job or are rushing around with a baby, there's a number of things that can take their toll. 

One of which being getting little to no sleep. 

You know the drill, you stay up all night, worry about not getting enough sleep ready for the next day but because you're WORRYING so much you end up... not getting enough sleep

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

It's very unlikely that you've not already heard of the Jaclyn Hill palette - I mean it's been out for 2 months and has already had 3 restocks so that everybody who could possibly want it is getting it (well done Jaclyn and Linda, you make us makeup lovers happy)

Alas I'm still going to share what the palette looks like, how it swatches and my thoughts on it...